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Numbers Chapter 11 Summary

Numbers chapter 11 summary is a chapter where the children of Israel along with the mixed multitude that came out with them fell lusting and complaining about the food they had in the wilderness.

God burnt many of them with a fire in the wilderness in the uttermost parts of the camp.

After they repented, they went back to complaining and murmuring about not having meat to eat as they had in Egypt.

Moses was extremely displeased as was the God of Israel. He brought his complaints to the Lord, telling the Lord these are not all his children and it was getting too heavy to deal with them all.

The Spirit Rested Upon Them

Moses even considered death if God wouldn’t hear him on this matter. Thus God decided to develop more Moses’ to deal with all the people. God had Moses gather 70 elders and God will take the spirit on Moses and put it on the 70 elders so Moses doesn’t have to bear it alone.

Then God promised to bring the children of Israel meat in abundance. The 70 elders began prophesying immediately the spirit rested upon them. Some people were jealous for Moses, but Moses was delighted.

The chapter ends with God bringing the meat He promised to the people who were lusting after it, and it was so much, and they were so greedy, many of them choked many of them on the very food they lusted after.

Numbers 11

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  1. Michael Michael

    The summary is very short and sweet.

    • Grace and peace brother Michael, thank you for being here and for commenting. Salud.

      Elder Ishe

  2. Kakapa Simon Kakapa Simon

    This summary it so short and sweet, thank you very much

    • You are very welcome, Kakapa, may the Eternal Father enrich you.

  3. Deborah Deborah

    This is misleading and in fact wrong.
    God did not burn the people. Check you facts and make the corrections.

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