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Greetings and welcome to Here at (BSM), we believe the Bible is one integrated story that leads to the Holy Anointed Son, Msindisi (whom the world identifies as Jesus Christ), and to His Kingdom on the Earth.

His Kingdom will be ruled by Him along with His Royal Family. Also the Bible has profound practical wisdom, bounded in the principles, history, and prophecy of the scriptures. Which we all can use as we journey towards the Kingdom together.

It’s true, the entire bible points to one simple reality. That reality is there will be a kingdom of the Creator governed by the Holy Anointed, King of kings. The prophets and disciples both looked forward to the day. They saw when the Most-High POWER would establish His Kingdom on the earth.

Here’s all About

To understand all of this and begin living it, we have to make a practice. We must practice learning, studying, and practicing the ways written in the Holy Scriptures. This is where we (and people like us) come into play.

BibleStudyMinistry (BSM) is an online Bible study supplement source. We are readers, students, teachers, and ministers (stewards) of the ALMIGHTY proclaiming the Kingdom of HEAVEN.

How to Make Best Use of This Site?

To make the best use of our website, and the educational information all published for free, it is best to join our newsletter and to read up on the lessons as much as possible, and study with us weekly.

Consistent study with Bible Study Ministry (BSM) will give you a healthy perspective on the history of the Church (Ecclesia), it will help you live meaningfully and purposefully today, and give you an inside view to the future government, very few have a handle on.

BibleStudyMinistry was cofounded by Elder & Minister Kokoete “Koko” Ishe. Elder Ishe or Minister Koko, is a Bible enthusiast with one goal; to share the Kingdom of the Eternal Father with Bible leaders, Pastors, ministers, and saints of the Great Creator who are just as excited about learning and sharing the good news of the coming Kingdom of POWER.

The MOST-HIGH uplift you in the name of HIS beloved Son, the Holy Anointed (Msindisi – Ndinyanga – Yashaya – Jesus)… and Don’t forget – get on our newsletter and study with us and stay in front of news events that are prophetic.


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  1. I believe your message, there shall be a kingdom that only God the Father rules. One Gospel – very true.

    • Praise the Lord Musa, thank you for stopping by. We have One Lord and One Gospel. God bless you in Jesus name.

  2. Jocelyn Marcial Jocelyn Marcial

    Thank you and God Bless

  3. Karen Weimann Karen Weimann

    I will be teaching a womans’ Bible study and need this information as background. Very informative and clear. I will be returning as I study other topics in the future.
    Shabbat Shalom!
    Karen weimann

    • Shalom sister Karen, I’m so happy to hear you’re administering the Word of the ALMIGHTY. Continue in the grace of the MOST-HIGH through CHRIST. I’m sure you’re in great Hands, but if you need anything let us know!


      Elder Ishe

  4. Jan Lange Jan Lange

    I am taking a Discipleship course which is 34 weeks long. I very much enjoyed using your summaries of chapter to help understand, to use for my notes to class room participation. I am an overachiever and my notes are way too long.

    I am now on Amos and when I google it does not come up. Is that as far as you have gone?

    • Hi Jan, thank you for visiting. Praise GOD for your zeal and wisdom. I believe that is as far as we have gone. Other projects and studies have overwhelmed us a bit… but we are continuing in GOD’s grace. May the ALMIGHTY bless your discipleship course. If you have any questions in between, email us and we would love to continue to assist and grow with you. Thank you Jan

      Elder Ishe

  5. Faryka Rogers Faryka Rogers

    Yahuah is calling me to The Land. I need to follow The Language so He brought me to the connection between Proto-Bantu and Paleo-Hebrew. My study has brought me to this awesome website and I’d like to ask for help to find the untold Bantu migration. The world would have us thinking the two aren’t related and that Bantu started in Cameroon but (With your help) I think it may have been Gilead. Please contact me. I believe The Most High will, or has already, given you information for me. Thank you for what you’re already teaching! Praise Yah for you.

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