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Struggling with Understanding the Bible?

History, Prophecy, and Chronology of the Scriptures Have You Confused?

Then it’s time to learn the scriptures in a way that will last forever!

In our new and free PDF, delivered to your email of choice, you will…

  • Learn the history and generations of Adam and the world from him all the way to you.
  • Unwrap the correct chronology and order of events in the scriptures and how it relates to todays’ world.
  • Learn the hidden reason the world torpedoed into the state of gross darkness it is in today, and how to unravel it with the Light that is within you.
  • Tackle the deeper meaning of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob family purpose, and the necessity and purpose of the Kingdom of Juda…
  • Dig into the New Testament like never before, finding connections to the Old Testament that turns on neuron lights in the spiritual mind like no one’s business…
  • Wrap your mind actual principles the Almighty Creator desires we all live by today.
  • Learn how to pinpoint your genetic biblical ancestry with accuracy…
  • Hear a prophetic Word most preachers miss or do not have a clue about…
  • And so much more… started as a blog to help us retain scriptures we were learning, and has blossomed into a real bible study supplement source. However, this new free PDF (that you can instantly download and start reading through in the next few minutes), you’re going to get it all in a short, precise, but hard impacting document.

It will be hard for anyone to gainsay against you or for you to be confused any longer.

All you have to do is enter your name and email of choice (be sure it is your email) and voila, you’ll be on your way to higher-standing and greater comprehension of the Bible.

This free report won’t be available for long; get yours today, even right now while it is fresh on your mind. And keep in mind, you will automatically be ineligible if you do not have a working email and if you do not confirm your request…

So hustle over and get your copy right now and join the thousands of others who have a panoramic view of the Scriptures and Bible.


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