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Matthew Chapter 2 Summary: Chapter Summaries

In Matthew chapter 2 summary, we will meet some wise men and learn a small amount of the formative years of Yahshua, Jesus the Christ. The chapter began as Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea during the days of Herod the king.

At the time of the Messiah’s birth, wise men from the east came to visit him to pay homage. They inquired of the city’s officials where the coming King of the Jews would be born.

This was reported to Herod who was very flustered by the request, as he was the sitting king. He held a meeting with the chief leaders and elders of the Jews and demanded they tell him about this coming King of the Jews.

Matthew Chapter 2 Summary

This is where he learned about the coming King, who would be born in Bethlehem in the land of Judah and would become Governor or ruler over the people of Israel.

Herod then let the wise men go seek the child, really so they could tell him the child’s whereabouts was so he could kill the child. The wise men found the young child and his mother and worshipped the Messiah.

They presented gifts to the King, notably gold, frankincense, and myrrh. However, they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod, so they returned to their own country leaving in a different direction.

At the same time, Joseph was warned in a dream to escape to Egypt with his family. He did also as he was warned! Herod realized the wise men would not return and grew very frustrated.

This was approximately two years later, thus the maniac leader declared a vicious act. His declaration was that all children should be killed from ages two years on downward.

It was a tough time in the land of Judaea. After the death of Herod, Joseph was told in a dream to return to Israel, and he did so, but not to Bethlehem, instead, he went and stayed in Galilee in Nazareth.

And this is the summary of Matthew chapter 2, glory to Righteousness.


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  1. Oluwapelumi Oluwapelumi

    During that time, the holy spirit was not yet on earth, but the people receive information directly from God mostly through dreams. Talking about the wise men and Joseph receiving instructions through dreams, that means we should know when God speaks and be ready to obey promptly. Even if it seems foolish, so far it was from God, the end result would surely be great. Therefore, as believers who have direct access to God through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we should all grow to the level of knowing when God speaks and following His instructions promptly.

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