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Devotional: I Will Instruct and Teach You

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BSM is a biblical media ministry with the mission to:

Organize, share, and make universally accessible, the principles, history, and prophecy of the Word and Kingdom of GOD; delivered through the digital medium of the internet via trained, learned and compassionately disciplined ministering “evangelizers” (we call Vangelizars). 

We want to assist in rebuilding the Kingdom one brick, one post, one repented soul at a time. We welcome individuals, institutions, and organizations to join in the formation.

Prayers, counsel, and financial assistance is welcomed. Financial assistance gives us the ability to continue to add necessary content for principle and historical purposes. Also, to prophetically assist those who need to know what is about to happen to this earth.

We advertise online and finances go there. We are also partnered with ministries that focus on serving the poor and needy as well as the fatherless and widowed. Your financial support goes there also.

Be a partner in this work and bless others!

Share the article on your favorite social media outlet; help the Word flow out into all nations!
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Bible Study Ministry

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