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Bible Study Ministry

Online Bible Study MinistryWelcome to, a Bible study where we study and share the goodness of the Lord GOD of the Bible, which is JESUS the Christ.

Here at (BSM), we believe the Bible is one integrated story that leads to Jesus Christ, His Kingdom on the Earth, with His Royal Family, and that the Bible has profound practical wisdom, packed in the principles, history, and prophecy of the scriptures, which we all can use as we journey towards the Kingdom together.

Bible Study Ministry

It is written that the gospel must go out to all nations, and then the end shall come; so we at (BSM) study and share the gospel passionately and with humility, and gratefully so.

We work in conjunction with biblically based churches, ministries, and organizations to share the truth of the scriptures; and we hope that you’ll know, when you’re studying with us, you are studying the true Word of God, His spirit being with you.

The True Word of God Online Bible Study Ministry

We post studies by subject and topic, by chapter and verse, regarding the word of God, and we simply hope that you are blessed, edified, inspired, and enlightened by the postings and studies we present. BSM’s goal is to present the coming Kingdom of God to you with knowledge, so you can best prepare yourself  to attain salvation and access back to the Tree of Life, the Kingdom of God.

Bible Study Ministry Helping You Towards Your Spiritual Goals

We must all be armed with the Word of God in order to “FIGHT the good FIGHT.” We intend to fight the forces of evils with the Forces of God and His Word.

Absolutely feel free to join us in this mission to spread the gospel and improve people’s lives, and you can as you share with your friends and family our website and our Bible study ministry goals; God bless and grace to you in Jesus name.


Elder Ishe for,  your online, Bible Supplement source!

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