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BSM and our Theology

Want to know more about and our Theology, well it is very simple, we care about teaching the Bible. We are mainly about helping people learn the details of the Bible, the Word of the Great Creator, and everything it reveals. Before we move forward…

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If you are seeking to learn the Bible, you can ideally go to just about any church or Bible Study institution. If they claim to be a Bible-centered organization, they are compelled to teach you about the bible. But how deep or thorough they go can be the difference.

There are many caveats because anyone teaching the Bible must first be quantified and qualified. In addition, you’d have to keep in mind if it were a church, especially one with a denominational background, the denominational doctrine could overlook the scriptural context (and often does in most cases).

Welcome to BSM and our Theology

Martin Luther Denomination

This could also be the case for non-denominational churches as well, where individual doctrine can uproot scriptural context. The denominational creed (of an organization) will tell the point of view the organization has concerning the Word of the Creator.

Also, the actual formation of the denomination and where the organization stands present-day are both important to know before one dives into learning the Word of the Creator from a particular group.

A religious creed is often equivalent to a company’s mission statement and even can act as a miniature covenant and pledge. Many companies craft a fine mission statement that they do not always follow or adhere to. The same goes for religious organizations and their creeds, which are often overlooked in many areas.

Who is Teaching You?

In learning the Bible, you must know who you are learning from, the teachers, founders, etc. I will start with myself, I am Elder Minister Koko Ishe, I am a Nigerian-born man of POWER, living in the USA today with my family.

Nigerian Flag

I am also an author and Bible Student, Teacher, as well as proclaimer of the Kingdom of POWER and His Anointed (the Christ). Before venturing into strict biblical studies with Biblical teachers and mentors, I was raised an Apostolic Christian. These men were raw in their approach to teaching, which gave me a stronger biblical foundational base than I had with my apostolic background.

I don’t say this to take credit away from my apostolic background. However, at the time I was at an age where I ventured into both a controlled rebellion and maturity. This made me gravitate toward studying the bible with no denominational background and no filter; I only focused on the actual scriptural text.

I wanted the scripture to offend me as much as possible so I could gain wisdom from it. The controlled rebellion mixed with maturity was a great mixture that allowed me to focus on learning the Word.

I have been faithfully learning, teaching, practicing, and living the Word since 2004. I’ve written several books that I believe will do the job of edification to one’s soul. I’m happy the Most-High has utilized me to work in His vineyard.

The Launch of

I started primarily for myself initially. Secondly for people who would benefit from further learning and edification from the Creator’s Word. I say I started this for myself because as I studied and learned from my biblical mentors and teachers, blogging about what I learned was my way of really retaining the information. Simultaneously, blogging helped the next person to begin or continue their learning process.

Caution Coming

There are a few things I ( / BSM) believe and practice that can cause caution to the average Christian (before they even get into the material here). One of the caution-able stances is that we view the Bible not so much as a religious book, but more so as a governing book.

The Bible is About the Father’s Government

We (BSM) view the Bible from a governmental point of view first and foremost. Secondly, as a lifestyle or way of life (principles to live by), and lastly as a historical book. We believe this because of the original intent of the Eternal Father of the Bible (Heaven and Earth). His intent was to establish an extension of the Heaven Kingdom with a colony, if you will, of the kingdom here on the earth (as told in the “Master’s prayer”). This was and is part of the original plan for us to go through our trials and tribulations to see if we would do “whatsoever He commands us.”


This was postponed because of sin or rebellion of the man the Creator created. Therefore a backup plan was brought forth. It is this plan (the backup plan) that has garnered more attention in practice. It is the establishing of churches and priesthoods, instead of hearing directly from the Father through the Holy Spirit. The practice of priest crafts and dogmas lead more to the traditional religious side of the Word of the Eternal Father, which we see prevalent today.

The original intent was the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible is about governing. It is simply about governing. It is about governing oneself, one’s behavior, governing one’s family, community, state, country, one’s world, and governing one’s works, skills, craft, and purpose. And then with love, sharing each individual’s purpose (gift) with each other. These are necessities to dwell in the Kingdom.

These are the things we look at as the meatier matters of the law (laws of the world), more so than how many services did one attend last year, or how many prayers one can offer in an hour.

Please Don’t Be Offended

The religious (spiritual) side of the Word is equally as important (don’t get us wrong), because of the fall of mankind. The religious side, in our view, has everything to do with salvation. It also covers redemption, the blood of the Anointed, Calvary, the fall of Adam, the plight of the house of Akobe (Jacob), and everything concerning the death and resurrection of our Master and Savior, Msindisi.*


Through redemption or the “religious” side of the Bible, we view this as the steps we need to take in order to bring us back to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. This is the recovery process if you will.

In this way, our view is a bit different than the average church or bible study program. Nevertheless, we do not think of ourselves as better or inferior, each ministry has its’ own purpose. We encourage all to continue in the grace of God faithfully proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our position of government first, we believe, will offer you a great deal of understanding of the Word. Anyone can use this approach for their own edification and integrate it with the knowledge you already currently have.

Does this mean we do not participate in church services, and the church ordinances?

Absolutely not!

It only points to the fact that our priority is governance, the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the teachings of the Anointed Son, we’ve been recovered and if we maintain in His order and grace, until the end, we will take on the same change He took at His resurrection. The change that occurred after He spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth, dying because of the sins of man, so that we may have redemption in eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through the grace of the Creator, we focus on governing ourselves and obeying His voice to the best of our abilities. When this is the priority, we believe our walk with the Most-HIGH is slightly different.

The Three Learning Dimensions of the Bible

We also believe the bible is broken down into three main categories. One of these categories is the principles of the Eternal Father that we are to live by. Principles are a way of life, they are the guidelines Father wants us to live by. When the Creator said He did not desire sacrifices and oblations, but for man to simply obey His VOICE. We believe these are the principles or practices He taught through the Old Testament and reinforced in the New Testament.

The principles are often perceived by religious Christians as rituals, traditions, and often laborious practices that many a time weary people. Truly, we feel the principles are simply a way of life, a necessary way of life at that.


Everyone Needs a History Professor

The second main category is history. History is a major factor in life, and it so happens the Bible is a major history book for the world and is presented through the eyes of the sons of the prophets and priests of the Sovereign Great Spirit of Hosts.

The Hebrew Bantu history book is presented by a family known as the house of Akobe, a tiny ancient family from Abram, Shem, Noa, and Adam. Many things that have taken place in the world from other nations and families that are documented are also documented in the Bible as well. This gives the Bantu history book known as the Bible great validity, as well as historical records we can trust.

The last main category is prophecy. Prophecy is teaching or sharing the Word, in addition, it can also be thought of as portraying or revealing future events. It is important to learn principles, history, and prophecy in order for us to know where we are going. Principle is primarily for us to know how we are to live right now, at the moment, the here and now. This is how you live in this generation.

History is the past, which affects the here and now, which will affect the future. History gives us perspective. Prophecy gives us a clear picture of the future. If we focus on these three categories, we will learn a great deal in the Word and maximize our potential here on the earth right now in what we do day-to-day, and in the coming Kingdoms of Heaven.

The Covenants of the Almighty


We also believe in the covenants of the Almighty Creator. These are His agreements between Himself and man. We believe in the Royal Covenant, the Ten Commandments, along with the Royal Statutes, Judgments, and Ordinances. These are summed up in the Ten Commandments and Annual Festivals of the Great Creator.

These allow us to express love to and for our fellow brothers and sisters, and most importantly, express OUR love to our Creator, the Almighty.

We believe in the laws, statutes, ordinances, and judgments of the Maker of Bantu of Akobe. We believe these are important because of the Creator’s GOVERNMENT. When we speak of governance, we have to follow the Great Spirit’s order or ordinances. These ordinances require you to think a certain way, eat a certain way, be a certain way, take part in certain festivities, live a certain cultural lifestyle, all the while avoiding certain lifestyles and festivities that pertain to other deities.

Please Enjoy the BSM Website and Our Theology

With this, we’d like to welcome you to our past publishing or blog posts, and hopefully give you a good feel for what we will be sharing as you continue to fellowship on our website. We are designing a consistent publishing schedule so you can look forward to knowing we’ll be here for and with you.

The Bible says there is simplicity in Msindisi (please do not be distracted that we use his name in the Xhosa-Zulu Languages). Msindisi said the Father’s burden is light and His yoke is not heavy. We remind you of this because plenty of people teach heavy things online to look very impressive. Many of these things are necessary, but not always expedient.

commandments of God

The Bible says, reverence the Eternal Father (that is to fear Him) and keep His commandments. In other places, it says keep His commands and the testimony of His Anointed Son.

Pretty simple, we can agree?

We SHARE things that will be that simple. We believe teachings should first be about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and then they should help in 12 special areas to help your life today and prepare you for tomorrow.

The 12 areas are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Wisdom
  3. Understanding of the Great Creator, to help you achieve
  4. Freedom (the truth shall set you free)
  5. Justice (righteousness)
  6. Equality
  7. Food
  8. Clothing
  9. Shelter – After this comes
  10. Love
  11. Peace
  12. Happiness living in love under the Almighty POWER

In all, the charity for your brother Adam and your sister Eve is what the Word is plainly PLEADING with us to carry out. If we are able to achieve this for you and many others, we believe we will have achieved our goal as a supplemental source for you and your walk with our Heaven-Eternal Father and His Anointed Son. As THEY aid us to become meet for the Kingdom of Heaven.


No Physical “Church” Building

BSM does not have a physical church building, we believe the earth is full of them, and with the emergence of the internet, we feel privileged and honored to be invited to share, teach, and preach at different organizations and we truly like to keep it that way for now.

When we are invited to speak in sister organizations, we send out emails to those in that geographical location to come out and meet us as well as fellowship and learn with us. This will be more difficult in our current climate.


So with that, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter to receive emails from us, and if you’re into social media, you can meet us on those platforms.

If your best media is email, excellent, if it is Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, sign up for those and follow our handles. Instagram and Pinterest are coming soon.

We’d like to end with this prayer:

Give thanks to the Almighty Creator, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people, sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him, talk about His wondrous works, glory in His Holy name, let the heart of them that seek the Eternal Father, sing praises to our Creator, sing praises, sing praises unto our King, sing praises, for the Great Creator is the King of all the earth, sing praises with understanding! In the name and covenant of His Anointed Son!

Yes, yes, so be it.


Struggling to Understand the Bible? Transform Your Comprehension with 9 Staggering Distinctions

If you do click here to learn how you can 10X your faith, live by biblical principles that have amazing results, and become a biblical seer in no time flat.

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