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End Time Prophecy Seekers


End-time prophecy seekers would do themselves and the entire world a favor if they considered the history of the Bible which would explain prophecy and prophecy explains the future.

When we understand all the elements of history it is then we can understand prophecy much better. This is why you may not see #Biblestudyministry do a whole lot of end time” Bible lessons.

What we do is read the Bible and check on historical resources to validate and for consistency and we report on what the scriptures say. What the Bible really focuses on is the coming Kingdom and King, and that kingdom will take place or become official at the end time.

End Time Prophecy Seekers

The reason why end-time prophecy is so prevalent among people in biblical studies is that people want to know the future. In the second chapter of Daniel, the Prophet writes about a dream that king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had, and the dream details the whole future of the world including the coming of Ndinyanga* the Anointed one of Akobe (the world identifies as Jesus Christ).

During the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, while the prophet Daniel was in captivity in Babylon, the king had a dream, and when Daniel interpreted the dream we found ourselves going through four kingdoms of world rulership until the very end, which consisted of 10 primary kingdoms of Rome under the treaties of Rome, who give their power to a separate spiritual king (Satan). During the days of these kings, the Messiah from the Great Creator will set up His kingdom on earth and His kingdom will be established forever.

There is your end time!

There is no other way to look at END TIME PROPHECIES! Besides some of the intricacies that take place as His kingdom comes to the earth and His will be done in earth as it is being done in heaven. These intricacies or details give us general signs of what and when this kingdom would appear with its King, King Ndinyanga.

End Time Prophecy

One of those things is to see and witness, a lot of wars, rumors of wars, chaos, and deception.

This is why it will become very important for students of the Bible, followers of Ndinyanga the Christ, those who are anointed by Ndinyanga the Christ, apostles, prophets, bishops, and just plain old citizens of the kingdom of God, to really read the Bible for clarification and understanding of what it takes to enter into the kingdom of God and be worthy of that honor.

We will do in-depth studies until the end. But for end-time prophecy seekers, the key to it all is in reading and studying. Study the Bible, study history, and pray for understanding to see the future.

Ndinyanga says that He does nothing but show His secrets to His prophets. And also He would reveal His plans to His friends. Consider yourself a friend and seek the Holy Spirit.

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* Ndinyanga is the Ibibio, Nigerian name for my Savior, in Yeshua or Jesus the Christ!


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