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Numbers Chapter 12 Summary


Numbers Chapter 12 Summary

Numbers Chapter 12 Summary Summary

Chapter 12 of Numbers begins with Moses’ brother and sister complaining that Moses married an Ethiopian woman.

As they complained about Moses’ marriage, they complained also about the Creator speaking only to and through Moses. They believed the Father also spoke to them and not just their brother Moses.

Well, their conversation was heard and was not well received. The Creator wasn’t happy people would speak against His special servant, Moses, and summoned a meeting with Aaron and Miriam and Moses immediately.

The Creator reminded them of the stature and status of His servant Moses, that God speaks with Moses directly and apparently, not with dreams and visions. The Great Creator reminded them that Moses is faithful with His house. And with such qualities, they should have had some fear and reverence for such a servant, especially one so near to the Creator Himself.

When the conversation was over, Miriam was leprous, white as snow. Moses begged for her natural color to be restored, and the Creator granted the intercessor his petition, but told her to deal with her condition for seven days.

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  1. Juane Barnes Juane Barnes

    This text clearly exposes prejudice humans. No one is clearly white or black. We would run. Adam was made from dirt clearly Brown or tan or grayish black. Sand can be black or white. But not dirt that God created. Hence calling a race white or black is ludacris. We are made in the image of God himself. People stop making your own rules for God’s sake. Okay! He is not pleased. 1. The flesh will be changed and deleted. Immortal will take place. No makes or females. All the same, neck down. Then what? Stoop the confusion. Love one another as Christ loved us!! Amen.

    • Peace be upon you Juane. I thank you and respect your comment. I do disagree; I went and reviewed what we wrote and the actual text. I believe the scribes embellished the text to a certain degree. Where I’m from people exaggerate a bit. For instance, the guy took a beating; after the boxing match, his head was swollen to the size of a Thanksgiving pumpkin.

      Maybe his head isn’t that swollen, but to explain the nature of his head swelling to the audience, that may be necessary. Same with Miram’s skin.

      As it pertains to white and black people; you are 1000% right. White is a term given for categorization and black as well. The idea is that the Creator knew these things and had the Bible written in a certain way. We cannot run away from certain truths because they make us feel uncomfortable. We have to learn to deal with it head-on.

      Read this article for beginners.

      Peace and grace

      Minister Koko

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