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Numbers Chapter 12 Summary


Numbers Chapter 12 Summary

Numbers Chapter 12 Summary Summary

Chapter 12 of Numbers begins with Moses’ brother and sister complaining that Moses married an Ethiopian woman.

As they complained about Moses’ marriage, they complained also about God speaking only to Moses. They believed God also spoke to them and not just their brother Moses.

God heard it and was not happy people would speak against His special servant Moses and summoned a meeting with Aaron and Miriam and Moses immediately.

God reminded them of the stature and status of His servant Moses, that God speaks with Moses directly and apparently, not with dreams and visions. God reminded them that Moses is faithful with God’s house and with such qualities, they should have had some fear and reverence for such a servant, especially one so near to God Himself.

When the conversation was over, Miriam was leprous, white as snow. Moses begged for her natural color to be restored, and God grants the intercessor his petition, but tells her to deal with her condition for seven days.

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