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Numbers Chapter 14 Summary


Numbers Chapter 14 Summary

Numbers Chapter 14 Summary

Chapter 14 continues the drama from chapter 13, after hearing the report from the discouraging men, the congregation wept all night.

They cried against Moses for bringing them out of Egypt, they cried for their children for being out in the wilderness instead of being in their slave driven homes in Egypt.

Joshua, nevertheless, had heard enough; he rent his clothes and told the people the land is good and it is the Lord’s delight to take us into the land. Joshua warned the people not to rebel against God, nor fear the people of the land.

Joshua noted that they were bread or food for Israel, he reminded Israel that Canaan’s defense had left them and that God is with Israel now. Israel shouldn’t fear. Even after his speech, the congregation thought to stone Joshua with stones.

God wasn’t happy with this, He threatened to disinherit them and make a greater and mightier nation out of Moses. Moses interceded for the people, reminding God that God is longsuffering, of great mercy, forgiving sins, but by no means clearing the guilty.

God, so graciously, pardoned the people at Moses’ word. However, God promised that those people who doubted and fear the Canaanites would not enter the land but the children, who they were so concerned about, would!

Anyone who was 20 years of age and older who murmured against the Lord, would not come into the land of Canaan. When Moses told the people that, they mourned so in the morning they decided to go into the land.

Moses forbade them, but they were full of emotion and zeal and went forward and were discomfited by the Amalekites.

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