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Numbers Chapter 9 Summary

Although the book of Numbers comes after Exodus and Deuteronomy, the book of Numbers tells many of the same stories as Exodus and Deuteronomy and speaks on the same time period.

In chapter 9, the children of Israel were in the second year of coming out of Egypt in the first month. God told them to prepare for the Passover “at his appointed season.”

They kept the Passover on the 14th day of the first month in the wilderness of Sinai as commanded. A problem arose when certain men became defiled by a dead body and couldn’t ceremonially keep the Passover and needed to know what to do.

These are the Reasons for Excuse

Moses inquired the Lord who said if anyone is unclean for these reasons: dead body or far journey; they should keep the Passover in the second month on the 14th day. Outside of those reasons, that man must bear his own sin.

Strangers (none physical children of Israel) have the same ordinance as the home-born Israelite. They must take the Passover just like the sons of Jacob.

The chapter ends with the rearing up of the temple and the practice of following the Lord. If the cloud moved, they moved with it. If the cloud journeyed, the people journeyed with it. It did not matter if it stayed a day, month, or year, they remained and move with God’s cloud.

Exodus Chapter 9 Summary

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    Very good comments on ch.9

    • They are in the emails, sometimes PDF and sometimes videos with PPT slides. Thank you sis Yirah

      Elder Nhmyh

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