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The Tower Of Babel Debate: Harmonizing Genesis Chapters 10 And 11

Let me help you with the Tower of Babel debate and harmonize Genesis chapters 10 and 11 for you! In Genesis chapter 10, it begins with the generations of the sons of Noa born after the flood. The author or scribe began with the family of Japheth, moved on to Ham’s family in verse six, and then Shem’s in verse 22.

The conflict and contradiction in the eyes of many are in verses five, twenty, thirty-one, and thirty-two. In each of these verses, the phrase, “After their tongues, in their lands, after their nations,” is written. In the normal flow of the Genesis biblical story from chapters nine to ten, this is no problem. It is when we go into chapter eleven that the conflict and controversy show up. Chapter eleven begins by saying “The whole earth was of one language and one speech.”

How could the people, the whole earth have one language and speech when they were just divided into their own languages or tongues, in their own lands, and nations? Some researchers and scholars say there are two creations or two stories taking place. The authors and scribes seem to have mashed them together.

Some say it is all false.

Some have said what we believe; the scribes misplaced the chapters. Thus for us today it is a simple fix; place chapter eleven in front of chapter ten and the conflict is fixed.

In chapter nine, Noa and his family got off the ark and re-began life on earth. They received the covenant from the Creator and began living life again. Time and years produce children and adults and by the time they have a multitude of people, we find ourselves in chapter eleven. Not all, but the majority of the people journeyed from the east, locating a plain in the land of Shinar and dwelt there.

The leader of the people devised a project to build a massive city and tower and enslaved the people to build it. The project was adversarial to the Great Creator, who came down to see the city and tower. He dismantled the project which caused the people to scatter all over “the face of the earth.” Perhaps as a consequence or historians named it later, but the place, project, and tower was called Babel. It received that name because the Almighty confounded the language of all the earth.

Let me help you; at the beginning of chapter eleven, the earth was of one speech and language. Now the Almighty confused or confounded the language of the earth and the people scattered abroad more than likely dwelling with those who spoke and heard their language. Now before you go into Genesis chapter 11 verse ten, go back to Genesis chapter 10 verse one. We are able to comprehend the division of the families now because of what took place in the land of Shinar at the tower of Babel after the flood. The three sons of Noa ended up dividing into sixteen grandsons of Noa.

The conflict or contradiction is simply a mishap in the organizers of the scriptures, not the biblical story. For more content like this, subscribe, follow, and like.

Power be with you.

Minister Koko

Consul General, AKOPPI

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