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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 11 Summary

Genesis Chapter 7 Summary

Genesis Chapter 11 Summary

Welcome to Genesis chapter 11 summary. This chapter begins with the revelation that the whole earth was unified and spoke one language. The sons of Adam traveled into the land of Shinar to dwell and decided to build a tower that would reach to heaven.

So… they practically wanted a skyscraper or a rocket ship.

This is known as the tower of Babel. They wanted to do this so they didn’t get scattered all over the earth. Instead, the human species would be in one location, ruled by one man in one kingdom. The Lord God came down and found their plans interesting, but against what the Heavenly Kingdom planned for mankind.

Thought-Provoking Chapter 11 Summary

The Lord also said something tastefully exciting; the Lord said (and I paraphrase) ‘the people have one language and wish to do this and they are on the same page, nothing will stop them that they imagine doing.’

Very powerful and thought-provoking comment from the Lord God. Essentially, if you join forces and work together, you can accomplish anything. At any rate, the Lord destroyed their plans by confounding the language, which eventually separated all of them into different areas on the earth.

This is signed off by the family of Shem. The chapter ends with a detailed listing of Shem’s generation, which includes the introduction of a man named Abram (and his wife Sarai). They lived in the land of Ur of the Chaldees.

There is another sign off by the family of Terah, who is the father of Abram. This is Genesis chapter 11 summary.


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