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The Purpose Of Genesis Chapter 11

Let me help you. The purpose of Genesis chapter 11 is to connect the scattering or dispersion of the peoples from the Tower of Babel and the central government in the land of Shinar to the introduction of Abram.

Did you get that?

I’ll repeat it another way; the purpose of Genesis chapter 11 is to bridge the disbanding of the sons of Noa from the Tower of Babel and the land of Shinar. Then associate and attach the diaspora to the man Abram. The sons of Noa were united under Nimrod, the Cushitic leader of the people after the flood.

The people found the plain in the land of Shinar and built it. Nevertheless, the plans were confounded by the Almighty and Nimrod’s government began to fragment. Some of the details of the fragmentation are described in Genesis chapter 10.

A breakdown of Japheth’s children, Ham’s, and Shem’s offspring are listed in chapter 10. Among these was a brief breakdown of Shem’s offspring. Within Shem’s lineage, Shem’s sons Aram and Arphaxad are detailed. However, in the remainder of Genesis chapter 11, another section of Arphaxad’s children is displayed.

The reason why Arphaxad and Aram’s offspring are mentioned is important and for a later time.

For now, Shem’s seed through Arphaxad, Sala, Eber, and Eber’s son Peleg leads to Naor, Tera, and Abram. Abram is not only vital for the faithful and Christianity, he is also vital for Islam and Judaism today. This is the importance of Genesis chapter 11; this chapter connects the disperse of the sons of Noa to Abram.

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