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How Long Will You Mourn?


How Long Will You Mourn?

How Long Will You Mourn?

Samuel, one of the great prophets of God, saw that his friend and king of his nation was being dismissed as captain over God’s people Israel.

Samuel prayed and hoped, and wished that Saul would eventually get it together. And when he knew God was moving on, he still mourned over Saul’s dismissal as king.

God, the God of Israel, leaned in on the emotional matters going on in Samuel’s mind. God says, how long will you mourn for Saul?

We typically mourn for someone who is dead, Saul wasn’t dead yet physically, but spiritually he was certainly dying. God tells His prophets to continue on with their work.

In Samuel’s case, go down to Bethlehem, God instructs him, because God had already provided Himself with a new king.

We can be called to do a job, but if we don’t do it, we better know God will raise up one who can and will do the job. And if your friend has been removed from a job, God asks, how long will you mourn?

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