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Genesis Chapter 39 Summary

Genesis chapter 39 summary is a continuation of the tragic plight of the young Joseph, son of Jacob. After being sold by his brothers, the Ishmaelites sold him into Egypt.

Joseph now found himself in Egypt serving a master named Potiphar. Potiphar was a prosperous man who easily realized the Lord was with Joseph. However, more trouble followed Joseph; his master’s wife wanted to sleep with Joseph.

Genesis Chapter 39 Summary

This came shortly after Potiphar made Joseph the lord of his house. She came onto subtly but Joseph refused to sleep with her. He did not desire to sin against God.

Still, she came on harder and Joseph unmovingly refused and chose not to commit adultery against God. More so, he did not want to afflict trouble on himself between his master. He had a good thing going.

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Finally, she simply lied or gave a false witness against Joseph. She reported he attempted to lay with her by force. This got him fired and thrown in jail. However, while in jail, Joseph kept his faith and God remained with him. In jail, the son of Jacob and Rachel still prospered.

This is the summary of Genesis chapter 39.

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