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Chapter Summary: Numbers Chapter 23 Summary

Numbers chapter 23 summary continued with the story or drama of Balaam and Balak’s desire to curse the children of Israel. Balaam showed up and has Balak build seven altars for him to sacrifice seven oxen as well as seven rams.

Balak did as he was commanded, but Balaam again reminded the king of Moab that he could only do what God commanded him to do. God instructed Balaam to declare to Balak that Israel was blessed and he blessed them even the more.

Balak was confused.

He’d asked Balaam to curse them, yet he blessed them? At this point, Balaam knew not to go against God, so there wasn’t going to be any changing his mind, not on this mission at least.

Balak tried changing locations as if that would change God’s mind. Balaam told Balak, God is not like us, humans, He does not change His mind or to say and not do.

Numbers Chapter 23 Summary

The seed of Jacob, the children of Israel are blessed, Balaam reminded and declared to Balak, and they will seize their enemies. Balak then asked if Balaam could tone it down or keep it neutral, no blessings or curses?

But no, it was too late, Israel was indeed blessed! And this is the summary of Numbers chapter 23, glory to Honor and Reverence of the God of Israel!


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  1. Tom B. Tom B.

    We have a great God. He created all. He knows all. He then gave us Jesus Christ to be a Savior for the World and all there is. Jesus Christ is the answer to all.

    • Praise the Living Creator of Heaven and Earth brother Tom.

  2. Ruchika Taywade Ruchika Taywade

    Awesome summary ??
    I like so much ??

    • Praise the Most-High Ruchika, blessed to be graced by your spirit. Continue in God’s graces.

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