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Bible Reading Leviticus and Numbers

Day Eight

The reading for today (day 8) is primarily going to show us the ministry practices of the Levites who are the tribe of Levi and what their job was.

Bible Reading Leviticus and NumbersWhen one sins against the Lord they are to bring an animal to sacrifice for their sin to make an atonement for them.  

Although, as we learn in Hebrews, the animal sacrifice did not remove sins but instead was designed to slow one down from continuous sinning.  

Like paying a traffic violation today will slow you down from breaking traffic laws because the fines will mount and eventually your privilege to drive will be taken.

Chapter 4

The Levites offered the burnt offering, meat offering, and peace offering and no one is to eat the fat or blood of an animal that is sacrificed, and this was for all our generations.

In Leviticus chapter four, it shows us the entire practice of the Law of Animal Sacrifice.  Each man that sins is to bring a bullock to the priest, and the priest is even to bring his own bullock for his sin.  When the priest kills the animal and takes the blood dipping his finger in it to sprinkle on the veil, he is to sprinkle the blood seven times on the veil.

Bible Reading Leviticus and Numbers

Then they are to take the bullock away from the camp and burn it on wood.  This is the sin offering; the offering that represents Jesus Christ, who without question became the actual sin offering (a shadow of good things to come).

The Lord has it that a man sins unaware, once he is aware of it he shall confess it and begin to make atonement for that sin.  The Lord accepts sin through ignorance or sin not done purposely.  If you sin willfully there have never been pardons for that.

This is also the rule that what is left of the burnt offering; Aaron and his sons shall consume.  That’s a pretty good deal for the priest, but the priest has no inheritance outside the fact they belong to the God of Israel.

Leviticus chapter 7 introduces the trespass offering.

 It shall be eaten by all the male priests.  Again; we’re reminded not to eat blood or fat or we will be cut off from your people.

In chapter 8 Moses anoints Aaron and his sons before the entire camp, pouring the oil upon the head of Aaron (Psalm 133).  Moses also anointed the Temple before the entire camp too, and they did all things the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses.

Moses again tells Aaron to prepare the sin offering and to do it in the presence of the people on the eighth day after seven days of consecration that the glory of the Lord will appear unto the people.

Nadab and Abihu

After Aaron sacrificed the sin offering, the glory of the Lord came down in a fire and consumed the fat on the altar in the presence of the congregation.  The people shouted and were afraid as they fell to the ground on their faces.  The Lord is powerful.

In Leviticus 10 Nadab and Abihu, the oldest sons of Aaron went to sleep and let the fire that was to burn continually go out.  And instead of letting Moses and Aaron know about it; they attempted to offer strange fire before the Lord and a fire burst out and devoured them, and they died before the Lord.

Moses then told Aaron this is what the Lord meant when He said He would be set apart of them who come near Him.  In other words; pay attention when you are dealing with the Lord.  Moses also told Aaron and his remaining sons not to mourn or grieve, but to let the congregation do the grieving for their death.

Dietary Law of Chapter 11

The Lord God is a tough Being, He wouldn’t allow them to grieve.  Then the Lord told Aaron not to drink wine or strong drinks when they go into the congregation, I presume that is what Nadab and Abihu did to let the continuing fire go out.  So now there is no more drinking in the Tabernacle for priests who are on duty.

The dietary law is what is written in Leviticus chapter 11.  Of land-based animals the animal that chews the cud AND divides the hoof, is clean.  In the water, you are to eat animals with fins AND scales, like tuna & salmon.

But as for things in the water like shrimp and catfish, they are no good for you and will cause you to become unclean. They of the birds, they are named out to read.  Eagles and vultures ducks and geese are not permitted among other fowls.

Be Holy

The Lord wants us to be holy for He is Holy and we are not to make ourselves unclean by eating abominable things.

Leviticus chapter 12 talks about the cleanness or uncleanness of childbirth.  All women who have a new child, male or female, should read and do this chapter.

Leviticus chapter 13 goes into clean and unclean leprosy and what to do with it.  It is the law of leprosy.  This was some difficult reading but it is great to learn and know.  It is good to know so you don’t go sacrificing animals for your sin offering because JESUS is the sin offering.

Also that you know what animals to consume and which ones to leave alone.  We will deal with the rest of Leviticus, the way of Levi, the priest to the children of Israel, the priest to the nations.

Day Nine

hardcore bible studyOn day nine, in Leviticus 15 through chapter 26.  Chapter 15 is about the uncleanness of issues.  Issues are like blood or other open sores upon the body.  

If you touch anyone who is unclean or touch anything the unclean person touches, you are unclean.  You must wash with water and you’ll remain uncleaned until the evening, which is a new day.

The seed of copulation is the semen that ejaculates from the body.  When this happens, you are to take a shower and remain unclean until the evening.  So when you have intercourse with your wife; you are to take a shower when you’re done and be unclean until the evening.  And any woman who has her menstrual cycle, during those seven days, is unclean and anyone who touches her is unclean also.

Chapter 16 of Levi

In chapter 16 Moses told Aaron a message from God that Aaron should not come into the Most Holy place at any time; but just once a year on the Day of Atonement.  This chapter, explains the order of Atonement.  

Aaron must make an atonement for himself and his family, and then do so for the children of Israel also. Just as Jesus, our High Priest, must make an atonement for His family Israel and also all the sons of Adam.

Now, this is for the sin offering.  Aaron is to get two goats, kill one, which is for the sins of the people, and the other keep alive.  And he and all the elders and priests shall lay hands on the head of the live goat and put all the sins on the head of the live goat.

The G.O.A.T … is it MJ, LeBron, or Christ?

The live goat is the scapegoat, taking the blame for sin for all the people.  And take the goat into a land not inhabited and to do so by the hand of a fit man.

These goats represent Jesus. The goat that died, died for the sins of the people, and the scapegoat represents Jesus raising from the dead and being taken to a land not inhabited by man.

This land is Heaven on the right hand of the Father, and the scapegoat had all the iniquity of the people on his head, as Jesus did.  This is done on the Day of Atonement to be kept forever, once a year.

Well Done, Please!

We are reminded not to eat the blood of the animal; the life of the flesh is the blood and God has given His blood as a sacrifice for us; we shall not eat it but put ourselves under the blood spiritually.  

It is the blood that makes atonement for your sins; so no Israelite nor stranger shall eat blood.  Cook your meat well done people. The Lord then tells the people to keep His ordinances and judgments and avoid the ways of the people of Canaan and of the people of Egypt (two countries the Lord destroyed).  

The Egyptians and Canaanites must have had relationships where fathers slept with daughters or daughter-in-law, sons slept with mothers, and things like that, they committed adultery, sacrificed their children in the fire and the Lord prohibited these things.

Interesting Bible Reading Leviticus and Numbers

The act of homosexuality is called abominable where a man lay with a man as the man lay with women and women with women.  This is an abomination.  And women shall not lay with animals, neither shall men, for it is confusion.  

These things the nations before Israel did and were thrown out of the land for it.  Keep the ways of the Lord.

Chapter 19 opens up with God reminding us to fear our parents and keep the Sabbaths for God is the Master (Lord), we are to listen and obey Him.  We are to keep the Lord’s commandments at all times.  

We are not even supposed to hate our brother in our minds, but to love our neighbor as ourselves; this is not just in Matthew chapter 5 with the ‘Beatitudes’ but here in Leviticus chapter 19.

26 Ye shall not eat anything with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times.

We are reminded not the eat anything with the blood in it; neither are we to go to psychics or so-called wizards.

 28Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

To me, this sounds like you’re not to cut your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you, are ‘print marks on you’ tattoos?  I sure think so.

 30Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the LORD.

Keep the sabbaths, here it is again.

The Sabbath day is a big thing to the Lord, and very important and dear to Him; so it should be to us as well.

31 Regard, not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

We should avoid people who say they can speak with the dead.  Those are familiar spirits, you will be defiled by them as King Saul was.  We are to respect our elders and treat the strangers nice who want to live among us in the land.

Here we have some judgments against breaking the Lord’s commandments; if you go after Molech to serve he shall die, and if a man knows that another man is doing this and turns his eye, he also shall be put to death.  In other words, servants of God cannot condone unrighteousness.

Children are to honor their parents, if they curse their parents, that child shall die.  A man or woman who commits adultery shall die.  It is pretty simple stuff that we should all feel good about keeping even today.

Rules for Priests

A priest can not go around dead bodies unless it is his mother, father, children, brother, or sister that has not been married.  A Priest was and is allowed to MARRY A WIFE, unlike the Catholic organization, however, she must be a virgin and must be among his own people.

In Leviticus chapter 23 we get into the feast of the Lord.  The sabbath day is a day of rest.  The 14th day in the evening is the Passover, the 15th day is the first night of the feast of Unleavened bread.  This feast is 7 days, and on the 7th day, it is a Sabbath and feast in the evening.

Then seven Sabbaths after the Sabbath following the last day of the feast of unleavened bread plus one day, this is the feast of weeks or what is called Pentecost.  It is a high Sabbath day and feast, it is a statute forever in all our dwellings.  

The Seventh Month of the Year

The seventh month on the first day of the month is the Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets, it is a Sabbath day.  Also, on the tenth day of the seventh month is the Day of Atonement; we are to afflict ourselves or fast (food and water), and it is a Sabbath day.

Then on the 15th day of the seventh month is the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days. The first day is a Sabbath day and feast, and the Eighth Day is a Sabbath and feast.  We won’t go into the meaning of these, but they are the feast of the God of Israel; and are not just for the Jews.

Leviticus chapter 25 outlines the Jubilee where everything is free and returns every man to his possession.  The Jubilee is in the 50th year, and the trumpet should be blown on the 10th day of the seventh month (the day of atonement – important).

Harsh Admonishments

Chapter 26 gives the children of Israel a warning of blessings or curses if they listen or don’t listen to the Lord and continue in His covenant. They could walk with the Lord and He will walk with them or they can walk contrary to the Lord, and He will walk contrary to them too.  

And His soul will hate them; yes the Lord can hate.  The Lord will scatter the children of Israel among the nations if they do not keep the commandments of the Lord.

These commandments are very serious.

Day Ten

On day 10 of reading the Bible, we begin in the 27th chapter of Leviticus where we begin reading vows.  It is extremely serious to speak what you know and stays to your word.  The Lord will hold you to your vows so be careful in what you utter out of your mouth.

As we dive into the book of Numbers, we see Moses getting orders from God to form the Army for Israel; men able of twenty years and up were able to go to war.  Similar to how it is done in the US where men and women must be 18 to enroll in the military.  

This was done in the wilderness out on Mt. Sinai.  The total in the army was 603,550 men; that’s a great army covering a great number of people. The Lord makes it known that Aaron and his sons are the chiefs of the Levite tribe.


That the Levites are for Aaron to assist in running the priestly office; and the Levites are all the Lords because when He killed the firstborn of all the Egyptians, He took all the firstborn of the children of Israel’s for His own.

So; if you have male children, the firstborn is the Lord’s. However, the Lord took the Levites as His, in exchange for your firstborn that He redeemed by passing over your house in Egypt.

Numbers chapter 4 notes the age you must be to do the work in the congregation.  You have to be 30 to start your ministry or to participate in the ministry. This is the reason Jesus waited till He was at least 30 years of age.

Christ Followed the Rules for the Rules Sake

He waited for the legal age before He began healing and teaching in Jerusalem and another coast of Israel and even waited till then to be baptized. And if you were 50 years of age and decided to get into the ministry, you just barely made it.

I found chapter five interesting, if a man felt his wife was cheating on him with another man, and he had the ‘spirit of jealousy’ he could take her before the priest and have a ritual performed over her before the Lord.

You wouldn’t have to run behind your wives with investigators if this was still around.  If she was found guilty it was bad news for her.

Nazarite Vow:

If you make a vow to be a Nazarite; a man or woman, they must not cut their locks, neither come near a dead body no matter who, they must not drink wine or strong drink, neither eat grapes.  They must keep this up until the days of the separation and vow be finished.

Chapter seven in Leviticus recaps the twelve tribes and their offering unto the Lord for the dedication of the Altar; many offerings were brought, and when they were finished Moses went into the Tabernacle to meet with God

He heard a voice coming from off the Mercy Seat from where the Ark of the Covenant lay between the cherubims and He spoke with Moses and Moses with God.

This shows that God was clearly on the earth.  

Even more, it shows He was among the children of Israel dwelling among them.

To end in chapter eight for today; we’re reminded that the Levites are the Lord’s in exchange for our firstborn (male) and that God gave the Levites to Aaron (also a Levi man) as a gift to do the service of the congregation.  

The Lord has an excellent system set up all leading to Christ; it is just man has successfully turned the system around.

Day Eleven

We will start off in Numbers 9 where the Lord reminds Moses to tell the children of Israel to keep the Passover in its appointed season, which is the 14th day of the first month.  

The children of Israel had to keep it when God said so and not whenever they chose to keep the Passover. The same still goes for us today.  Then the Lord gave reasons one can take the Passover if they missed it during the first month due to being unclean.

This was the rule for the stranger and Israel; one law for all.  It is not as many presents, one law for the Jews and one for the Christians or non-Jews! We all have the same laws given by one God.

Moses Praying for the People

In chapter 10 the Lord gives the children of Israel the ‘fire drill’ if a war was to take place.  The priest was to sound the trumpet to aware the people of possible trouble or war. The people began to cry against the Lord and it displeased the Lord He set a fire and burned many of them until they cried to Moses who prayed unto the Lord for them.

Moses was even fed up with the people because they complained to him all the time about every little thing and lust.  So the Lord gave the spirit (the mind) that was upon Moses to 70 other men to know about God the way Moses did.  

And the Lord promised to give them enough meat that they will be sick of it.  And the Lord sent a great plague that the people who lusted after the food of meat to choke on it and die.  That is something, to want a steak so bad and when you get it you eat it and choke on it and die.

Death of Miriam and Aaron

In chapter 12 Miriam and Aaron, Moses’s brother and sister began to speak against Moses. They were voicing has God had only spoken to Moses. In addition, they were upset Moses married an Ethiopian (because Israel was supposed to marry within and not to strangers). 

And God called an urgent meeting and told them that Moses is “the man,” and God punished Miriam by turning her leprous, white as snow?

A Lot to Learn Bible Reading Leviticus and Numbers

She had to be dark-skinned for this to be a great punishment. The meek man Moses prayed for her to have the plague stopped and it was gone after 7 days. Do not talk against the servants of the Lord, the Lord may actually be listening to your conversation.

The children of Israel, in chapter 13, began to send spies into the land of Canaan to see about the people and the richness of the land before they ambush the people and deal with them. They gave a good report of the land, but they feared the people. All except Caleb who told the people to go up and take the land for they can do it.

And the people complained about having to go to war and take the land.  They said it would have been better to stay in Egypt where they were serving as slaves and worshiping pagan gods.  

No Complaining

The Lord does not like complainers, so catch yourself when you are complaining about your situation.  And the Lord decided to kill all the people and make a great nation after Moses, to keep His covenant with Abraham (all God needed was one male of Abraham’s loins).

Then Moses interceded for the people and the Lord heard, but He would not let the people who saw what He did in Egypt, yet did not believe, get into the land.  The people who murmured against the Lord from age 20 years and above will not get into the land.

Instead, they will fall in the wilderness for 40 years. Unbelievable punishment for murmuring against a God who delivered them from bondage; but well deserved for a complaining people.

Killed Over the Sabbath Day

Numbers chapter 15 is a reminder of burnt offerings and sin offerings for sin committed.  At the end of the chapter a man was picking sticks on the Sabbath day, and they jailed him to find out what the Lord’s judgment was for him.  And the Lord had the congregation kill the man by stoning him.

And the Lord commanded they make fringes on their garments with the commandments written on them to remind them not to do what they wanted but to keep the commandments.  God had a man killed for polluting the Sabbath day, thus this is a very serious commandment and even more serious in breaking it.

Numbers 16

A man named Korah rose up against Moses charging Moses of being above the people when they were all Israel.  And Korah and Dathan charged Moses with making himself the prince over the people.  This made Moses very upset and asked God not to respect their offer.

Then Moses spoke to show who the Lord appointed and the Lord had the earth open up and consumed Korah, Dathan, and Abiram and all that they own (wives and children included), and the 250 men who challenged Moses, the Lord sent fire and burned them up.

Look at how jealousy and envy can kill a man. I have to say it again; do not speak against the Lord’s servants, God may deal with you harshly for that. The children of Israel charged Moses with killing the people of God.

Death of a Lot of People

When I read it, it looked like the earth consumed them; more so, it looked like they consumed themselves for talking against Moses.  The Lord was very angry with these people and urged Moses to move aside so He can kill this congregation in one moment.

That is instantaneous.  

Even with Moses’ interceding and pleading for the people, still, 14,700 people died because some jealous men thought to talk against Moses, which was talking against the Lord.

Now in Numbers 17, the Lord had to show who He was with by making Aaron’s rod bud and bringing forth almond. His rod was brought as a testimony to the people to show who God had made a priest.

Numbers 18 had the sons of Levi given to Aaron.

 19 All the heave offerings of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer unto the LORD, have I given thee, and thy sons and thy daughters with thee, by a statute forever: it is a covenant of salt forever before the LORD unto thee and to thy seed with thee.

20 And the LORD spake unto Aaron, Thou shalt have no inheritance in their land, neither shalt thou have any part among them: I am thy part and thine inheritance among the children of Israel.

The sons of Levi had no inheritance in the land, they didn’t have homes and businesses.  They receive a 10th from the children of Israel and they do the charge of the priest’s office.  This is a covenant of salt forever.  No stranger can come near Levi’s things.

In Numbers 20 Miriam died and was buried and the people charged Moses and Aaron for not providing water and a good life for them that they thought they had in Egypt. And God instructed Moses on what to do to get them water.

He was to speak to the rock, but instead, Moses was angry with the people saying, “hear you rebels, must we give you water to drink,” and he hit the rock twice. And God was upset with Moses for his anger and for not sanctifying the Lord before the people.  

Waters of Meribah

Moses and Aaron rebelled against the Lord’s word at the waters of Meribah and that is why they were not allowed into the land. There in Meribah, did Aaron die and Eleazar his son, took over the priest office.

In chapter 21, the people complained again and the Lord sent fiery serpents to bite the people and many died, when they repented, Moses prayed but God did something for people to exercise their faith.

He had Moses build a stick and make a snake of brass and if the people looked upon the snake they would be healed. If they did not, they would indeed die. This is the faith we have when we go into most hospitals today that have the snake on a stick today.

A lot to Take In

Then Israel went in and knocked off the Amorites and took their land. We learned that murmuring and complaining are not acceptable.

In the Bible, it says ask and ye shall receive. So if these people wanted meat, they should have gone to their chief to ask Moses if they can have meat in some way or they could simply pray to the God that took them out of Egypt to provide.  

But to complain and murmur is less than childish and disrespectful especially when so much has been done for them. This is a summary of our reading since day eight, Bible Reading Leviticus and Numbers. God bless in Jesus’ name.


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