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The Laws of Jesus Are They Good Today or No – Sabbath Day Study

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Peace and blessings; today we have a Sabbath Lesson on the Laws of Jesus, are they good today or no? We want to study these to see what the scripture really says about this subject. Many people are in derision on this subject because of mixed messages coming from divers church leaders.

The Commandments of God is His Covenant, and therefore to keep His Covenant, we need to keep the commandments, or no? The 35 minute podcast Bible study will help give us understanding on this subject. Thank you for studying with us, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly lessons and other Biblical prophecy as they happen around the world.

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God bless in Jesus name,

Koko Ishe



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  1. Alvaro Alvaro

    The Laws of Jesus Are They Good Today or No – Sabbath Day Study

    Will not play.

    Technical error?

    • Blessings Alvaro, we’re making some changes and some things are down right now, but we’re working on getting them back up. Thanks for the heads up. Continued blessings to you in the name of the Lord.

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