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What is Our Take on the Doctrine of Dispensationalism

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Questions and Answers from BSM Newsletter

Today’s question is a long one:

I have read about Dispensationalism and it teaches that salvation has different qualifications depending on the Age or Era where salvation is applied! For example, it teaches that the whole existence of mankind and its Salvation from Creation to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is divided as follows:

1. Creation Era (OT) – salvation is though Obedience (by not eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) 2. Pre-Flood and Noah’s Era (OT) – salvation is by Conscience 3. Moses’ and Mosaic Era (OT) – salvation is by the Mosaic Law

4. Church Age (NT) – salvation by Faith Alone (No Good Works) in the Lord Jesus Christ 5. Tribulation (NT) – salvation by Good Works (never accept the Mark of the Beast) alone even without Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! As for me, I think I can apply all 4 (1. Obedience 2. Conscience 3. The Law 4. Faith in Jesus Christ (but w/ good works?)! What is our take on the doctrine of dispensationalism?

Confusion and Babel

This teaching is a bit confusing and exasperating, but if this is Truth, then as a Christian I should bear with it and carry my Cross! As of now, I want a clear guide on this! Other questions will follow in the future! Thank you and good AM!

Our take! Well, all the “dispensationalism” is simply doctrines to teach confusion (in our opinion). There is what Apostle Jude called a “common salvation.” The common salvation is the same in every era or age and it was concluded to us in the same way.

The memoirs of King Solomon stated, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” This is our entire duty (Ecclesiastes 12:13). When Christ was asked by a certain ruler what he must do to inherit eternal life, what was Christ’s response?

“You know the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother.” To be perfect, give to the poor and follow Christ (Luke 18:18-22).

Believe In Christ

When a man asked what must he do to be saved, the apostles responded, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your house will be saved.” In that same hour, they washed and were baptized. This is the common salvation; repentance, baptism, commandment-keeping; no dispensationalism, and ages.

The simplicity that is in Christ is to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is to do unto others as we’d have them do to us. And love our God with all our might. That was during the creation era, Pre-Flood, and Noah’s Era, Moses’ and Mosaic Era, the Church Age, and the tribulation age.

RUN from modern-day mainstream institutional learning except it be for recreational learning. True religion and true doctrine are done in the closet of your heart with a broken heart and contrite spirit. It is done with the sincere fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Confusion and Division

This isn’t meant to offend students of institutional learning or administrators, teachers, and professors. The truth is we’d have a better world if people were not taught confusion and division. If they were taught the simplicity in Christ, we’d all love each other. We’d love all people like we do our closest friend or sibling.

I pray this has been edifying in the name of the Son of God.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh

What Bible Study topic, subject, or chapter would you like to learn in more detail? We are opening those again now that the Father is once again, sending His Spirit to gather His saints once again for the last time; we feel the need to address questions.

Many of the questions are not asked clearly, but we’ll do our best to answer them as well as we can.

This is just about as deranged as you’ll look after a class on dispensationalism in a seminary class.

Leave a comment and share with others who may have had this question looming in their mind. We are nearing the end of the half of times… REPENT and be baptized in the name of Jesus! 


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