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Exodus Chapter 29 through Chapter 40 Summary

Greetings of peace in the name of the Most-High God, Jesus (Yashaya). We dealing with Exodus chapter 29 through chapter 40 summary, as part of our read through the Bible in 90 days.

We read Exodus chapters 29 through 40 and is presented to us how to anoint the priest of God, the sons of Levi, and how to hallow things of the Lord. It also how to offer a burnt offering unto the Lord. These offerings (of animals) are for Aaron and his sons to perform.

They offer these for the sins people and for their free will offerings and the priest also consumes these animals. The office of the priest is strictly for Aaron and his sons to perform. One of Aaron’s tasks was to burn incense and fire continually non-stop at the altar.

Exodus Chapter 29 through Chapter 40 Summary

Also, Aaron had to make atonement once a year for the people and himself. This is the day of Atonement. Everyone twenty years of age or older; the Lord expected them to give an offering to the ministry. One thing was for sure, and that was that the priest cannot allow the stranger (non-Israelite) to touch, eat, or wear any Holy oil or perfume the Lord made for the priest.

Also, since the ingredients were given, no one is to try to make a copy of the perfume for themselves. Only the apothecary (druggist or pharmacist) can prepare these things and that person had to be a priest.

The Lord had a man named Bezaleel construct the Temple, the furniture, the cloths, and Holy Garments. The Lord gives the knowledge and wisdom for any craft we learn. We’re reminded to keep the Sabbath Day, it is a sign between God and the children of Israel forever (the 7th day of the week).

The Laws, Statutes, and Commandments

The two tables of stone given to Moses from God where the Royal Law was written, were written with the finger of God. That makes it personal and permanent since it was “written in stone.” While Moses received these laws, statutes, and commandments, the people got restless and asked Aaron to be in charge.

They believed Moses had forsaken them.  They charged Aaron to make them gods, and Aaron concurred and made a golden calf out of the gold earrings the people wore in their ears. God saw it and thought to kill the people, but Moses interceded and charged the Lord to have mercy.

The Lord clearly knew that the children of Israel were a stiff-neck, hard-headed people at this point and really wanted to destroy them and start the nation over with Moses. When Moses came off the mountain and saw the people dancing and worshiping a pagan idol, which they clearly were told not to do (the second commandment), Moses became very furious.

“Keep Me Out of Thy Book,” Moses Asked

Then Moses took vengeance killing at least 3,000 people who were against the Lord. In interceding; Moses asked to blot himself out of the book the Lord keeps (yes the Lord keeps a book on each of us. What’s in your book?).

At this point the Lord sent an angel to go with Israel into the land; the Lord no longer was going to dwell in the middle of them because He would kill them in His anger. The Lord had Moses move the Tent away from the camp.

It was like living in the suburbs from the major metropolitan city; so the Lord was the first to move to the suburbs for peace and quiet (and to get away from hoodlums). And the Lord spoke to Moses face-to-face as a man talks to a friend.

Moses Asks to See God’s Glory

Then Moses asked to see the Lord, and the Lord agreed to show Himself to Moses, but God wouldn’t allow Moses to see His face. And the Lord God Jehovah came down in the sight of Moses, but the power of God was too much for Moses as he fell on his face.

The Lord came down and profess the name of God! The Lord then reminded the children of Israel about the Sabbath Day, and the three times a year they are to come before Yahweh for the feast the Yahweh.

The Ten Commandments are the words of the covenant Moses wrote down during his second 40 days and 40 nights. Moses was with the Lord so long that he began to shine as the Lord. He glowed insomuch that the children of Israel could not look upon him; thus Moses had to wear a veil over his face.

Giving So Much to the Lord

That happened after 40 days of being in the Yahweh’s presence, imagine three hundred years (Enoch reference). Then in dressing the Tent, the people were told to bring offerings to dress the Tent; a free-will offering. The people brought so much that they had to make an announcement to stop offering.

They begin construction of the Tent and they use plenty of gold. They made the Mercy Seat and had cherubims round about the Seat, remember God put cherubims around the Tree of Life, it represents the Lord Jehovah (Yahweh).

Look at the stones they used in the engraving:

10And they set in it four rows of stones: the first row was a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this was the first row.
11And the second row, an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond.
12And the third row, a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst.
13And the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper: they were inclosed in ouches of gold in their inclosings.

These are some hefty expensive stones to make the Temple Tent. When they were finished with the Tent; they had done it according to what the Lord had commanded and Moses blessed them.

When the work was finished and they reared up the Tabernacle in the first month, a cloud filled the Tabernacle insomuch that Moses had to get out of there; for the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.

When the children of Israel journeyed the cloud raised up in the sky; but when they were to lodge, the cloud came down into the Tabernacle; a cloud by day, fire by night. That is a summary of our reading today, and we completed Exodus; next, we go into Leviticus. See you tomorrow we will read Leviticus chapter one through chapter fourteen.

Elder Ishe

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