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Reading the Entire Bible Day Six

Day 6; the Word of God is excellent!

Today’s reading starts with the children of Israel murmuring against Moses and Aaron, but really against the Lord and the Lord rained down manna down from for the people to eat.  The manna tasted like coriander seed and wafers that were made with honey.

They were in the wilderness in Sin and Rephidim, the people got thirsty and charged Moses for trying to kill them. And the Lord directed Moses in what to do. But with all this complaining the Lord sent Amalek to battle Israel, and Moses had to hold his hand up for Israel to win. And the Lord helps Israel.

Moses then meets with Jethro, his father-in-law, and Jethro teaches Moses how to judge the people by showing him how to have a chain of command. Otherwise Moses was going to wear himself out judging the house of Israel. Then they left Rephidim and into Sinai and Moses meets with the Lord; and the Lord tells Moses to tell the people if they keep the Lord’s charge they shall be a peculiar people to the Lord and a Kingdom of Priest. That means the children of Israel are to be the priest to the other nations in the world if they listen to the voice of the Lord.

The Lord then tells Moses to prepare for the Lord to visit them in three days and He will come down on Mount Sinai. On the third day there were strong thunders and lightnings, and the mount was smoking like a furnace and with earthquakes, and it was extremely loud and the children of Israel were scared out of their skin. The Lord was actually visiting them; this is the only encounter in which the God of the world appeared before an entire nation.

Then the Lord spoke giving them the ten commandment

The God of the Heaven and Earth visited Israel to deliver these Ten Commandments, and He did so in dramatic fashion to scare the people. And they were scared telling Moses to speak with God and they will listen to Moses.

After this Moses was given judgments the people are to follow. I’m sure these judgments are based on things the people were doing and what other nations were doing and did. If an offense was made, these judgements gave the repercussions.

The eye for an eye statues are here; but they were here for people to stop doing violence.  If a man sleeps with a woman, he shall surely make her his wife, unless the father of the maid refuses, things like these were the judgments of the Lord.

The Lord talk about helping and not taking advantage of the poor, in chapter 23, and the LORD talks about keeping a feast three times a years (the Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Harvest, and the Feast of Ingathering). Jehovah then tells them an Angel will go in before them into the land of Canaan and will drive the people out with hornets. All the children of Israel had to do was not serve these people’s gods.

Moving into Exodus 24, the Lord visits Moses and 74 elders in the mount and they saw the God of Israel, God had feet, and a body, and hands. Seventy-four men saw the Lord in clearness!

Moses was then in the mountain with the Lord for 40 days and 40 nights. The Lord revealed many instructions and history to Moses during this time. One of the many directions were on how to build the Tent of the Lord and the Ark of the Covenant, which represents the presence of God! God is very precise in the design of the Temple Tent of the Meeting.

Depiction of Aaron's Garment
This was an online Depiction of Aaron’s Garment

Lastly, the tribe of Levi were to be the priest unto the Lord to the other tribes of Israel and Aaron and his sons are to take the charge of the Lord’s work in the congregation. The clothing for the priest is the last subject today. They were for Aaron to minister, the dress is similar to the Catholic Bishop of Rome wears minus the 12 tribes of Israel on his chest. We learned that the Lord has the real style people try to do today.

God bless you in Jesus name, tomorrow we’re going to read Exodus chapter 29 through chapter 40


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