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Reading Through the Bible

We started November 1st to read nearly 15 chapters a day in an effort to read through the Bible in the next 90 days. Today is November 4th and we’ll be going through it.  We won’t be posting the summaries on the website so it is important to sign up for the newsletter to the right so you are better able to follow along over the next 90 days. Here is a summary of what we read today:

Genesis 41 through Genesis 50

Good morning & welcome to Day 4 of reading the Bible for 90 Days Genesis to Revelation;

Today we’ve read from Genesis 41 to chapter 50. This started with Joseph being promoted because of the interpretation of the dream of Pharaoh. Thus they had 7 good years of economic growth, then they had 7 horrible years of recession, even a depression. It was so bad all countries came up to Egypt for food. But God put Joseph in charge to handle this.

Joseph’s brothers come up and he pretended not to know them and made them jump through some hoops in order for them to buy food. Joseph even tricked them by sending them through the trouble to bring his brother Benjamin to see him. Eventually, Joseph reveals himself and had them bring their father Israel up and provides for them. Of the loins of Jacob, there were a total of 70 souls in Egypt. They were given the land of Goshen.

As Jacob prepares to die; he blesses Joseph’s children, Ephraim and Manasseh. He prophesies over his twelve sons regarding what will befall them in the last days (speaking of now – today).  Jacob dies and they take him back to the land of Canaan to bury him with Abraham and Isaac as he made them promise.

There was a great company of people at this funeral and even though they were Hebrews, (they may have wore Egyptian clothing) the people of Canaan thought it was a funeral for an Egyptian. However, it was a funeral for the earthly father of the children of Israel. Mistaking the father of the Jews for Egyptians does show the closeness in physical makeup the Egyptians shared with the Hebrews or Israelites.

Years later Joseph dies, and before he died he let his brothers and children know that God will surely visit them and take them out of this land (Egypt) and bring them back to their land, which He gave unto Abraham, the land of Canaan. In four short days we have read the book of Genesis. Join tomorrow as we begin in Exodus.

Koko Ishe
Bible Study Ministry dot com

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