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The Three Portals of Biblical Insight

The Three Portals of Biblical Insight: Now that we understand the components of the Faith Serum, let us explore how it can be applied to the three essential portals of the Bible. The first portal is history:

1. History: Unveiling Divine Patterns

History, as documented in the Bible, is not a mere collection of events but a collection of events, people, and ideologies incorporated with divine purpose. The Faith Serum allows us to discern the hand of the Almighty in the historical accounts of Akobe (Jacob), the Bantu people (children of Israel), and all other nations. It unveils the patterns and principles that underpin historical events, helping us draw valuable lessons from the past. Since the sons of Adam is both flesh and spirit, history should include the histories of both. History records past events, which should give us a better perspective of principles we must apply to current and present moments. The second portal is prophecy:

2. Prophecy: Illuminating the Future

Prophecy, a cornerstone of biblical study, often appears enigmatic and shrouded in symbolism. In most cases, it is like that for a reason. The Faith Serum equips us with the discernment needed to decipher prophetic messages. It unveils the future, providing insights into the Almighty’s divine plan for humanity and the destiny of the nations. All of the biblical prophecy is based on the past and present. Therefore, an understanding of history and the present moment will give us a very clear knowledge of future events. The third portal is principles:

3. Principle: Guiding Daily Life

Principles of life are scattered throughout the Bible and serve as timeless guides for living a righteous and purposeful life. The Faith Serum not only helps us identify these principles but also empowers us to apply them wisely. These principles become our moral compass, directing our actions and decisions. The principles we live by today can and do affect prophecy, which is the future. Just as the principles our ancestors lived by in times past, created our present and shaped our future. The faith serum and the portals to biblical understanding are our keys.


In the sumptuous complexity of Bible study, the Faith Serum emerges as a powerful catalyst. Comprising Truth, Wisdom, knowledge, and Understanding, empowers believers to delve into the three essential portals of the Bible: history, prophecy, and principle. As we apply this elixir to our study, we unlock the mysteries of the past, gain insights into the future, and navigate life’s complexities with divine guidance.

The Faith Serum is not a passive concoction but an active, transformative force that propels us toward a deeper, richer understanding of the Word of the Almighty. It is the key to unlocking the true essence of the Scriptures and embarking on a journey of profound faith and enlightenment.

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