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Super Short Bible Story Explanation

Welcome to, your online Bible Study Supplement Source. Today, we share the Super Short Bible Story Explanation. How does it go? How did it all begin? Well, God is a family of Eternal Beings like us humans are a family. God created and creates worlds, our earth is one. We begin as spirits and then enter the earth as physical beings. So God created our world beginning with all the things necessary for our survival. Then He created Adam, the first man, and Eve the first woman.

They broke the Creator’s initial commandment and many things were introduced. Getting older, hardships and difficulties, children, work, and death. Cain and Abel were two sons among others. Cain killed Abel, which led Adam to have Eve produce Seth.

For the most part, Seth was a righteous seed and his lineage kept the ways of Adam more so than his brothers. However, wickedness abounded too much. By the time we got to Noa, the Creator was ready to restart. The flood washed everyone away except for Noa’s sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

These sons overspread the earth.

However, Cush’s son Nimrod helped everyone revert back to the ways before the flood. Thus the Creator took a faithful man from Shem’s family named Abram and sent him to the land of Canaan. He made many promises to Abram and his wife Sara including, land, plenty of children, and the riches of all the earth. Did we mention the land he was living and being led to?

Abram listened and taught everything he’d learned to his sons Isaac and Ishmael. But he passed everything covenant related to his son Isaac. Isaac married Rebeka and they had two sons, Jacob and Esau. These guys had sibling rivalry but Jacob prevailed as Isaac passed the covenants to Jacob. Jacob went back to Abram’s native land and found a wife named Rachel. But he was duped into marrying her sister, Leah also.

The sisters fought over the love of Jacob, giving him their handmaids in order to have children. This resulted in thirteen children, 12 boys, and 1 girl, before he too came back to the land of Canaan. One of his sons, Joseph, was a visionary, the Creator showed him he’d be a leader and he shared this with his family. His brothers jealously sold him into Egypt where he struggled.

But eventually became the country’s prime minister.

A famine led his family into Egypt where he revealed himself as the prime minister. He provides them sustenance while there. They stayed a while, beyond the deaths of Joseph and his brothers into a period where Egypt experienced new leadership.

This changed the treatment of the children of Jacob, which caused them to cry to their Creator. He groomed a man named Moses to lead them out of Egypt and he did in dramatic fashion. They wandered in the wilderness for forty years because the elders were too scared to take the land immediately.

Finally, as they went into the land by the hand of Joshua, they lived in the land being ruled by Judges. The nation wasn’t totally united. This is when Samuel the prophet came along and brought some order. Then the people made a request to be like the nations around them that had kings and carnal order.

The Kingdom of Israel was formed.

They have their first king, Saul from the family of Benjamin. Saul failed, by the Creator’s standards and was replaced by King David. David was a man after the heart of the Creator and he prevailed. In so much, the Creator promised he and his family would have the kingdom forever. But his son Solomon loosened the grip of that promise by becoming like the nations too much. Decisions he made caused the kingdom to divide.

All families of Jacob left the Kingdom of Judah except the tribe of Benjamin. The ten families that separated from Judah became known as the Kingdom of Israel, Samaria, The Ten Tribes, and Efraim.

The house of David was the Kingdom of Judah. As Nigerian author Chinua Achebe wrote, “Things Fall Apart,” things fell apart. The nation drifted away from the Creator until He removed them from the land making them captive servants of the nations they so longed to be like.

The Assyrians took the Kingdom of Israel into captivity!

And the Babylonians took the Kingdom of Judah. They remained in captivity until the Kingdom of Persia. But Persia was overrun by the Greeks, who put the whole world under their thumb. And the Greeks were overrun by the Romans who subjected the children of Jacob and everyone else on the continent.

They were subjugated during the days of Christ, as he taught the ways of the Eternal Father to his people. However, he was killed for his message, the Father’s message, and the captivity continued. After the death of the Messiah, the children of Israel, Judah, and Efraim were scattered to the four corners of the world.

They await their redemption from under the hands of the Romans and all the other nations. As was during the days of Cyrus, king of Persia, so it will be in these days when the children of Jacob are returned home to their land with their King, the Anointed Son. All nations who choose to go with them will go into the land

They will be with their Creator and king for a thousand years.

Inside this super short Bible story, given from a Western standpoint and mindset, a few things are very important to highlight. The salvation or redemption of the entire earth rests upon the custodians, who are the descendants of Abram.

The covenants, the giving of the law, the adoption, the glory, and the services of the Great Creator, as well as all the promises were given to this particular family, Abram, Isaac, and Jacob. This is the reason the Holy Anointed Son. The Christ came through this particular family.

Salvation comes through the Messiah, based on his teachings, which he gave to the children of Jacob to share with all the world. However, through the captivity of the holy people, the house of Jacob, the faces of the judges have been covered. A replacement people and a replacement theology has come in.

It has turned things upside down.

This new agenda or New World Order has set the world in the state we see today: chaos, wars, pestilence, and unbelievable never-seen weather patterns at incomprehensible frequency.

There is an idea or teaching that once sin enters a person, family, community, city, state, or nation if it is not corrected by the messages from the Spirit of the Creator, from the prophets of the Creator, and from the men and women of the Creator, then calamities will befall.

In a physical sense imagine a very healthy person eating very well and staying in good conditioning, routinely exercising, and then all of a sudden they decide to bring on foods not as healthy, practice activities such as smoking, and excessive alcohol drinking and they stop exercising.

These new habits will act as sin towards the body…

Disabling the natural occurrence of the land or the body. In order to keep up with some of these habits as they become addictive, people will overspend their money, go over their budget, go into debt, and end up in difficult situations, often finding themselves on the streets, begging for bread. The psalmist said he has been young and he’s older now yet he has not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

When in violation of natural order, sometimes they will begin to violate the natural laws by stealing to maintain these bad habits. This often puts them in conditions where they owe people money and violence takes over. Or they are not in a position where they’re paying attention to their house and thieves and robbers come in!

And keep in mind, this is at the individual, family, community, state, and national levels. And this is why it is important to refrain from sin in the spiritual sense, and also in a physical sense.

Sin separates us from our Eternal Father in Heaven.

So that the natural protection, natural guidance, and natural deliverance, are withdrawn by the Father until we repent. And also we must correct the ways in which we have offended. A word is enough for the wise. Please hear this word so that you can get a further understanding of the nature of the world we live in today from this super short Bible story explanation.

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As always, Be Strong and Very Courageous; may the Father’s Peace and Joy shine upon you and your household this day and forever.


Minister Koko

Consul General


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