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How to Sift Through the Rubbish of the Bible

How to Sift Through the Rubbish of the Bible, a document prepared, By Minister Koko for members and readers.

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Now to today’s content: How to Sift Through the Rubbish of the Bible.

In the Bible and other pseudo-biblical sources, it all begins with God, who is the Creator and Eternal Father. The Creator created a world where his children, beginning with his son, Adam, would dwell and live out their life sentences and experience!

The challenge for Adam is to keep faith in the plan and ways of his Eternal Father. Why would this even be a question or challenge for him?

It’s because of his brother, Lucifer, who became Satan and the devil and the serpent. Satan had a different plan than that of the Father.

So not only does Adam have to have and keep faith, he has to live and teach his children to choose the lifestyle and culture the Father originally gave to him. This lifestyle and culture is primarily found in Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7. These are the teachings which the holy Anointed Son came in the flesh and taught to everyone, even risking and giving his life to teach.

Adam and some of his sons found in Genesis chapter 5 followed this culture, but many others did not! The world became one big wicked place, and when wickedness abounds, it’s like bad food in the stomach, the body will throw it out or wash it out.

That was the flood!

Nevertheless, Noa and his sons were spared and the show continued. The priesthood was passed down to Shem from Noa. From Shem, it was passed to Abram, who also was gifted the land we call Africa today, but ideally, it is known as the land of Shem!

Abram also received the covenants from the Shepherd of Order, the Great Spirit. He passed these to his son Isaaka, whom the Bible calls Isaac, instead of Ismael, known as Ishmael in the scriptures. And Isaaka passed the covenants to his son Akobe, called Jacob in the scriptures.

From Akobe we get his 12 sons, Yawada or Juda in the scriptures and Yosef, called Joseph in the scriptures became the prominent son and the guy who would hold the covenants and scepter.

Through a childish family dispute of sibling jealousy, the entire family ended up in Egypt.

Now remember, from Adam to Yosef, we know and acknowledge there are multiple family lines. However, the family head or priesthood chief of the Melchizedek Order fell to the family of Abram, Isaaka, and Akobe (Jacob).

We are now entering the book of Exodus.

In Egypt, things got hard, but they were delivered out of it all by the Creator. The Creator used a prophet named Moses and brought the house of Akobe out into the wilderness.

There, they spent 40 years before being taken into the land by Yashua or Joshua in the KJV scriptures. It took a while to get fully acclimated during the days of the judges.

However, at a certain point, and this point takes us into the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, the children of Akobe knew they wanted to be like the other nations. They requested a king to rule them in order so they could live like the other nations. Enter Samuel the prophet and Saul, the first king over the people.

Then we have David after Saul dropped the rulership ball; keep in mind, the Great Spirit did not like this idea of a king over them. But, it is what the people want, give them what they want.

David’s son, Solomon did very well, but very poorly at the same time.

Some of his decisions caused the next big event and historical record to happen to the Kingdom of Akobe and Yawada. The kingdom split into two. The Kingdom of Yawada, which is Judah in the scriptures, and the Kingdom of Efraim (spelled Ephraim in the scriptures).

Written the way the Bible tells it, we have the Kingdom of Judah ruled by the house of David and we have the Kingdom of Ephraim ruled initially by the house of Efraim, but eventually by various men from various tribes of Akobe (minus Juda, Benjamin, and Levi).

The Kingdoms remained until they began to be like the nations around them to their detriment. The Great Spirit drove them out; first, the Kingdom of Ephraim, who is also known as Samaria or the Ten Tribes.

They were removed and they lived in the Assyrian or Assurian kingdom.

This was followed by the Kingdom of Yawada (Juda), and they were driven to the Kingdom of Babylon. It is safe to say they remained there, but we know not all stayed in those locations.

The books of the Apocrypha record that many of the people of the Kingdom of Efraim migrated into the “New” world in the Americas. It is recorded in the Books of Mormon that a particular family from the house of Joseph (Yosef) migrated to the Americas with a claim the land was given to them by prophetic order, a prophecy Yosef the son of Akobe prophesied while in Egypt as the viceroy.

Thus, it is safe to say the children of Akobe were spread out throughout the world at the fall of the kingdoms to the Assyrians and the Babylonians. But after 70 years, many of the children of Akobe were permitted to return home to the lands of Juda and Jerusalem, and this is recorded in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

This permission was granted by a son of Shem.

This was a great king from the family of Elam named Cyrus. The children of Yawada rebuilt, but not to the level of their prior glories.

Also, as recorded in other records, many enemies infiltrated the revised kingdom and were heavily governed and watched over by the Romans, who placed Edomite governors to oversee the dealings of the people.

The children of Yawada knew this and would constantly revolt. Even as the days of the Holy Anointed Son, Msindisi or Yashaya, who the world labels and calls Jesus Christ, approached, mini-revolts took place.

Even during his time on the earth and his ministry to restore truth and righteousness in the land of Yawada and Yerusalema, which is Jerusalem in the scriptures, and bring the Father’s children back to Him, the opposition were the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and many other groups. Many of these groups were not true children of Akobe or Yawada, but were Edomites, Philistines, Egyptians, Moabites, and others pretending to be the “Jews.”

The Anointed Son was Murdered.

For years following, his teachings stretched far and wide through apostles and disciples. Disciples such as Paul and Peter, revolts and rebellions followed.

This threatened the Edomites in charge and essentially the Romans, who squashed the beef. In “70-AD” they put heavy work into the dismantling of the children of Yawada and Akobe.

The Romans scattered them throughout the land, and also throughout Europe and Asia. They persecuted them and took all their records. With their records, they were able to rewrite history or historical records at the Council of Nicaea.

This is where the name of the Kingdom became called Israel.

Israel is from the native tongue of the Phoenician-Canaanites and Moabite-Canaanite, and Edom-Canaanite alliances.

This is the paleo or ancient Hebrew tongue or script where they renamed themselves, “Upright Ones” or Upright Beings. That is Yasher or Jasher in the paleo Hebrew script. This became the upright ones of God, which is Yashar or Yashara’El or Yashara’Al.

This name was placed on the children of Akobe, which in modern English is called Israel. The name Yawada or Juda became abbreviated as Jew from Yw and the three-card-monte began.

The original Bantu or scrolls from the children of Akobe were translated into Greek. Then Latin, then English, and the English mass-produced and given to the modern-day Roman states, the European nations.

To the Americas We Go…

In the midst of this, the Roman Europeans found their way to the Americas. They came to subjugate the children of Akobe who migrated there. Euro Rome came and bogarted their lands with a doctrine called dum diversas. It was the 1452 doctrines of discovery.

This allowed the Catholic Church to bogart any lands from indigenous people who did not conform to the Catholic religion. Conform to their religion and their newly minted savior, Jesus Christ, who is really, Satan the Devil.

The Americas were colonized by the Romans. And Africa was still being ruled by Rome via the facilitators named in Psalm 83.

As Rome began to crumble via wars and lack of natural resources, they needed another plan; invade Africa. The 1884-1888 Berlin Conference was the conference to invade Africa and take control of the lands by colonization. The purpose was to take from the original facilitators and used the resources for Europe’s own purposes.

Although this resulted in two world wars, the damage was done.

The land of Shem and Jerusalem (or Yerusalema) was divided and carved for gain. Africa and all the world await the redemption of their land, their liberty, and their rights. First, they must repent of their ways, the ways taught to them by the oppressor and colonizer.

They must return to the Eternal Father, then He will deliver them, one by one. The events you are witnessing in Africa, which were sparked by the military campaign in Ukraine, is the ignition.

All of this is explained in the scriptures, here a little, there a little. Not only in the scriptures categorized as “canon,” but also in pseudo-biblical sources, also called pseudepigrapha.

Many rely on science, academia, and all physical entities.

We rely on those also, however, we predominately rely on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost. This is how to sift through the rubbish of the Bible and all historical sources.

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