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Saul Had Been Anointed and Began as King

Previously on the History of Israel series, we were introduced to the family of Benjamin and the future king of Israel, Saul.  Saul had been anointed and he began to prophesy, altogether he was a different person. He had a different mindset.

This prompted Samuel to call the Israelite tribes together to give them the news of the LORD’s choice of a king for them. Samuel informed the nation that the tribe of Benjamin was chosen, then the family of Matri within Benjamin.

After this, the family of Kish, and they began looking for Saul. He’d run away out of nervousness and fear. They found him and presented him to the people and they yelled,  “God save the king.” However, not everyone accepted him. Saul began to do good works for the house of Jacob.

One of the early notable good works was the rescue of a town of Jabesh in Gilead.

The ruler of the people of Ammon came against Jabesh Gilead. And the people of Jabesh asked the Ammonite ruler, named Nahash, to make a treaty with them. He agreed but had a condition. His condition was for everyone in Jabesh Gilead to put out their right eye.

The Israelites asked for seven days to respond. They sent messengers throughout the country and one came to Saul. The Spirit of God fell on Saul when he heard this and he was greatly upset. He sent news all throughout Israel for them to send men to war.

If they didn’t send anyone they would be treated as the enemies of Israel. Three hundred thousand soldiers showed up for Israel, thirty thousand from the tribe of Judah alone. The children of Israel and Saul destroyed the Ammonites in war. To be continued…


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