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The Fullness of Wisdom is to Dread the Divine Creator

Wisdom Devotional

The fullness of wisdom is to dread the Divine Creator. To dread is to fear or have a deep reverence for our Creator. The fullness of wisdom will be displayed in the fruits of our labor and works. The fullness of wisdom will fill your gifts for generations to come including the recipients (of your gifts).

Repetition alert, repetition alert; the crown of wisdom is the dread of the Sovereign LORD that provides fulfilling peace and the fruit of health. Those who understand this will order it and know altogether that it is the gift of the Most-High.

The Fullness of Wisdom is to Dread the Divine Creator

Wisdom separates the knowledgeable from the simple, and understanding gives way to prudence. To be prudent is to act or show care and thought for one’s future; be it the physical realm future or the spiritual. Wisdom enhances the impact (glory) of those that hold onto it.

All in all, the root of wisdom is to dread the Divine LORD. The branches of such trees (trees of wisdom) run deep and are enduring. To have understanding and discipline, devotion, and dedication to knowledge will lead one to the treasures of wisdom.

Nevertheless, wisdom is an abomination to sinners; they hate wisdom but love folly. They lack discipline, devotion, and dedication to anything knowledgeable!


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2 Kings Chapter 4 Summary

This devotion is based on Sirach chapter 1 verses 16-20

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