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Ezekiel 17 Two Eagles and a Vine Parable

Welcome to, your online Bible Study supplement source. Today, we look at Ezekiel 17, the story of two eagles and a vine the Creator gave to the prophet Ezekiel to share with the nation, the house of Akobe. Let’s dive in.

Ezekiel 17 Two Eagles and a Vine Parable

The Almighty Creator spoke to me, Ezekiel, saying, “Son of man, put a riddle and speak a parable to the people of Akobe. Tell them that this is what the Almighty Creator says. There was a great eagle with impressive wings, full of feathers, adorned with various colors. This eagle came to Lebanon and took the top branch of a cedar tree. It cropped off the top of the young twigs and carried it to a land of commerce, placing it in a city of merchants.

From the land’s seed, it had also taken and planted in a fertile field by abundant waters, like a willow tree. It grew into a spreading vine of modest height, with its branches turning toward the eagle, and its roots beneath it. Therefore, it became a vine, producing branches and sprigs. Then, there was another great eagle with vast wings and many feathers.

And behold, this vine bent its roots toward this second eagle, extending its branches in that direction so that the eagle could water it through the furrows of its planting. It was planted in good soil by abundant waters, with the intention of bearing fruit and becoming a splendid vine.

Now, let me ask: Will it prosper?

Won’t the eagle pull up its roots and cut off its fruit, causing it to wither? It will wither, even without great power or a multitude of people to uproot it. Indeed, being planted, can it prosper? Won’t it completely wither when the east wind touches it? It will wither in the very furrows where it grew.”

Moreover, the word of the Almighty Creator came to me, Ezekiel, saying, Say now to the rebellious house, “Do you not understand what these things mean? Tell them, ‘Behold, the king of Babylon has come to Jerusalema and has taken its king and its princes with him to Babylon.

He has taken some of the king’s descendants, made a covenant with him, and taken an oath from him. He has also taken the mighty ones of the land, all to make the kingdom humble. This way the kingdom would not exalt itself but would stand by keeping the covenant.

Yet, this king rebelled against him by sending his ambassadors to Egypt to acquire horses and a large army. Will he prosper? Can he escape after doing such things, or break the covenant and still be delivered?

“As I live,” says the Almighty Creator…

… “surely in the place where the king who made him king, whose oath he despised and whose covenant he broke, even with him in the midst of Babylon, he shall die. Neither shall Pharaoh, with his mighty army and great company, assist him in the war by building siege ramps and setting up walls to cut off many lives.

Since he despised the oath by breaking the covenant after giving his hand, and after doing all these things, he shall not escape. Therefore, this is what the Almighty Creator says. As I live, surely I will repay upon his own head My oath that he has despised and My covenant that he has broken.

I will spread My net over him, and he shall be captured in My snare. I will bring him to Babylon and will enter into judgment with him there for the trespass that he has committed against Me.'”

And all his fugitives with all his bands shall fall by the sword.

Those who remain shall be scattered toward all the winds. Then you shall know that I, the Almighty Creator, have spoken it.

Thus says the Almighty Creator: I will also take from the highest branch of the high cedar and will set it; I will crop off from the top of its young twigs a tender one and will plant it on a high and eminent mountain. In the mountain of the height of Akobe, I will plant it. It shall bring forth boughs, bear fruit, and be a majestic cedar. Under it, all birds of every wing shall dwell; in the shadow of its branches, they shall reside.

And all the trees of the field shall know that I, the Almighty Creator, have brought down the high tree, exalted the low tree, dried up the green tree, and made the dry tree flourish. I, the Almighty Creator, have spoken and have done it.

Quick response:

Chapter 17 is a parable concerning the captivity of the House of Judah and their king, King Zedekiah. Zedekiah brokered a deal with Babylon but then went against his side of the deal by asking Egypt to help them.

Ezekiel 17:1 through 19 is a parable. A great eagle (Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon) cut the top off the cedar of Lebanon (Juda and King Jehoiachin and the princes of Judah) and transplanted it in a land of trade (Babylon) where it became a low vine oriented toward him.

A colony of the House of Jacob (Akobe) was planted in Babylon and prospered there. The seed of the land (Zedekiah, his nephew, and his princes) Nebuchadnezzar planted in the land (Juda) and it also became a vine, subservient to Nebuchadnezzar. That was the original deal.

But Zedekiah had other plans.

Another great eagle (Pharaoh of Egypt) came and the vine (Zedekiah) bent toward him and he transplanted it. The question the Almighty asked was, will it thrive? It will not thrive; it will be pulled up by the roots and wither away.

Ezekiel 17:11 through 21. The interpretation of the parable was given to us. King Jehoiachin submitted to Nebuchadnezzar and went to Babylon as a captive along with the elite of Juda. (2 Kings 24:8 through17).

Examples of the elite of Juda are Daniel and his three friends were among those who did well in Babylon. There were obviously more. Daniel and his brothers were among those dedicated to the Almighty.

Zedekiah, on the other hand, rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar and despised the oath and covenant he made with Nebuchadnezzar, which oath and covenant were really brokered and made by the Almighty.

In other words, Zedekiah made the vow “On God,” as many people say (Ezekiel 17:19). He went and asked the Egyptians for assistance and Pharaoh’s army came out against Nebuchadnezzar in response to his petition (Ezekiel 17:15). Because he did this, that he would be severely punished and his troops destroyed (17:22–24).

What Was The Aftermath?

The Great Creator would break off a sprig from the cedar (the nation of Akobe) and plant it on a mountain where it would shelter all kinds of beasts and birds. This is a reference to the Anointed Son, the Christ, the “branch of Jesse” referred to in Isaiah 11:1.

And to His Kingdom which would be like a big tree sheltering nations or churches. Compare this to the parable given in Matthew 13:31-32:

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds. But when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.

Therefore, in order to understand Zedekiah’s story and decision better, we need to read more of his history in Jeremiah chapters 37 to 39.

  • From the beginning of his reign, he found it difficult to listen to the words of the prophet Jeremiah (Jere 37:1–2).
  • He did, however, ask Jeremiah to pray for the nation (Jere 37:3).

  • At Zedekiah’s request, the army of Egypt came up to Jerusalem and the army of Babylon retreated, initially (Jere 37:5).
  • However, Jeremiah warned Zedekiah that the Babylonians would still prevail (Jere 37:6-8).
  • The officers put Jeremiah in the dungeon on the charge that he was a traitor Jere 37:11-15).
  • Still, Zedekiah met with Jeremiah secretly to get word from the Almighty Creator. He was told that he would be captured by Nebuchadnezzar. Then Zedekiah had him released from the dungeon, to be kept in the palace guard-house (Jere 37:17)
  • Again Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem and encouraged the people to humble themselves to the Babylonians. For that, he was let down into a cistern (dry well) and left to die (Jere 38:2)
  • After an Ethiopian eunuch rescued Jeremiah, he had another audience with the king. Jeremiah advised him to surrender to the Babylonians so that he could save his life and the life of his family (Jere 38:14-18).
  • Zedekiah begged Jeremiah to keep this between himself and the king (Jere 38:24).

As prophesied, the Babylonians returned to Jerusalem, and broke into the city with their nobles set up office. When Zedekiah and his soldiers saw that, they fled from the city at night. The Babylonians caught them, killed Zedekiah’s sons in front of him, blinded him, and dragged him off to Babylon in chains (Jere 39:3-8).

Ezekiel and a colony of captives from Judah were already in Babylon and they were trying to tell the people what was about to happen. However, the people didn’t get it, didn’t believe it, and certainly didn’t act on the warnings. This is all told in Ezekiel chapter 17. The good news, the gospel, is that the Anointed Son is prophesied to come and establish the Kingdom as a righteous tender branch.

Praise the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.

If you don’t know, now you know, Bible Study your online bible study supplement source, along with Abantu Kingdom of Priests Preparatory Institute, Jeremiah 3:15-ers.

I will give you pastors according to Mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Be strong and very courageous!

Minister Koko

Consul General AKOPPI-BSM

Until next time, Power be with you!


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  1. Christina MacDonald Christina MacDonald

    Thank you for taking us to Ezekeil 17. I am eager to read it in my Holy Bible tonight. Seems as though it is very interesting to read, with lots of information that we need to see, just as the rest of the Bible is. I always love to hear and read the story of Nebuchadnezzar. And I’d love to read about Jeremiah., and learn more about him.
    Thank you for bringing us closer to the words of the Lord🙌✨️.
    May God bless you for all you do in His🙌 name.
    God bless✨️

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