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What is It to Be Truly Blessed by the Most-High?


What is it to be truly blessed? Being Blessed is not what we think. It has nothing to do with material blessings. Christ laid out ten ways to know you are truly “Blessed” and “Highly Favored.” You’d have to be blessed and highly favored to know them. They are found in Matthew chapter 5; here are the Ten Blessings:

  1. You are blessed if you give heed to the words of Christ and His twelve apostles
  2. You are blessed if you are poor in spirit and come to Christ to learn what the Heaven Father has given Him.
  3. You are blessed if you mourn seeking for righteousness you can’t find in the world
  4. You are blessed if you are meek and seek to do the will of the Father in all things
  5. You are blessed if you hunger and thirst after righteousness in meekness and lowliness of heart
  6. You are blessed if you are merciful and have unconditional love for others
  7. You are blessed if you are pure in heart and righteously seek to know the Father and His ways, not just to know them, but to know and do them
  8. You are blessed if you are a peacemaker in the world and do not fight over doctrine
  9. You are blessed if you are persecuted and mocked for exercising righteous works before men
  10.  You are blessed if you are reviled, persecuted, and have evil spoken against for what you do for Christ’s sake.


These are the 10 Blessed Commandments and how you can know for sure you are blessed by the Almighty Heaven Father. On our website, we have audio to listen to and to read along. If you speak a different language, translate this and share it with your people. Please, it is urgent.


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