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Exodus 1: A New King Over Egypt Arose

Exodus 1 A New King Over Egypt Arose: The Pharaoh after Pharaoh Sensuret-II was actually a Canaanite. This is why the new king over Egypt knew not and cared not for Joseph or the Israelites. Here is how things went down

After Joseph’s generation died off in Egypt, the Israelites began to multiply and increase very fruitfully. The Egyptian government began a propaganda campaign to deal wisely with the Israelites.

They used the idea or notion that if a war broke out, the Hebrews could side with Egypt’s enemies. Hence, the Egyptians began to make life difficult for the Israelites. The harder life was for the Israelites, the more the Israelites multiplied and grew.

Midwives were Asked to Abort or Slay the Babies in the Womb

The Egyptians began to hate the Israelites and made life even more grievous for them. The Egyptians began to be terrible hosts making the Hebrews do all manner of service in the field, with rigor.

They asked the Hebrew midwives to abort or kill any baby of the Hebrews who was a male-child but keep the daughters alive. Nevertheless, the midwives did not go for that evil as they feared GOD. From there Pharaoh himself made the proclamation that all baby boys should be killed by being cast into the river (Exodus 1).


Principle: Integrity. The midwives kept their integrity and did not participate in any evil. That is, doing what is right regardless of the situation.

History: When we think of Egypt, we think of the country and landmass today. However, Egypt was a political system, ruling all over, but mainly out of northern Africa as we call it today. At times, Cushite (Ethiopian rulers would overrun Egypt, and at times so did Canaan). The king of Egypt commanding the destruction of the Hebrew baby boys was Kamose, who ruled during the 17th Dynasty of Egypt.

Prophecy: This would become the destruction and downfall of Egypt the country and the political construct and system. Egypt would never again gain the same political and economical stance, status, and strength it once had.

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