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Chapter Summary: 1 Samuel Chapter 17 Summary

Chapter 17 begins with a war taking place between the Philistines and the children of Israel. This happens often, much as it does today with the Palestinians and the Jews, for similar reasons; settlements.

Welcome to’s chapter summary series, do you need a quick summary of a chapter in the Bible, join us for the journey and learn a lot in our chapter summary series. Now back to 1st Samuel chapter 17 summary.

Anyhow, the two armies met on two mountains with a valley between them. This chapter introduces the Philistines Champion or main warrior, his name was Goliath from Gath and he was a very massive man.

1 Samuel Chapter 17 Summary

Instead of a full out war, Goliath challenges the children of Israel to send out one person who will battle against him, one on one, and whoever wins the one-on-one battle, will take all. The losing nation will serve the winning nation.

The children of Israel, their army were frightened and did not know what to do. They didn’t want to battle and they certainly were scared to fight one-on-one against Goliath. Enter a key figure in biblical studies, which may seem by accident but it was right on cue.

A young David was not involved in the war but was sent by his father, Jesse, to deliver food to his three brothers who were in the military of Israel. When the young David got to them and saluted them, Goliath got up and spoke again in the audience of all the Israelites and this time young David heard his words and challenge.

David Ready for the Challenge

David became upset that Goliath, an uncircumcised Philistine, would speak against the Lord and against God’s people in such a savage manner. The young David was ready to challenge the Philistine’s champion. David petitions to fight against Goliath.

King Saul denied his petition, but David continues telling Saul his credentials that he once fought and defeated a bear and he also defeated a lion and Goliath would be nothing against him, especially with God being with him. Saul signs off on it.

If I were Jesse or David’s brothers, I’d be… well… the young David turns down armor and military gear, opting to take his favorite hunting weapon.

David approaches Goliath, and Goliath became very upset and disrespected that Israel would send a boy out to fight a grown warrior, and while he was mouthing off about the disrespect and how he will have the birds eating David’s body; David takes his stone and sling and crushes it against the forehead of Goliath.

Down Goes the Champ

The champ fell right on his face, and David who had no sword took Goliath’s sword and cut off his head. The world was shocked for a moment, young David had done what Saul’s entire military was scared to do.

This gave them confidence and momentum. Israel pursued the Philistines when they saw Goliath was dead, and Saul inquired whose son David was as Israel was in an uproar over the win over the Philistines. This is first Samuel chapter 17 summary.


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  1. nelly nelly

    I like your teachings and I want to learn more

    • Salud to you Nelly, thank you and let us learn more together!

  2. Steve Steve

    I’m confused, in chapter 16 David is sent to Saul by his father Jesse to be with Saul, play the lyre etc, and then in chapter 17 David is back with his father Jesse? And it is like Saul doesn’t even know him. Am I reading this wrong?

    • Good day, Steve; you are not reading it wrong at all. Take into consideration the story is not told in detail or necessary order. What I can perceive to be possible reasons for this is this; when David is summoned to play music, oftentimes people in that position rarely meet the king. If they do, the king only knows them as his musician. When the musician is volunteering to war, Saul probably didn’t know this was the same person. That’s one take. The other take is that the story isn’t told in a specific order; so things could be out of sequence as we read it.

      I pray that helps; thanks for stopping by today. Grace and blessings

      Elder Ishe

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