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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 7 Summary

Genesis Chapter 7 Summary

In Genesis chapter seven we go, and the chapter begins with the Lord acknowledging the righteousness of Noah in his generation. Pretty cool and fresh! The Lord commands Noah to take seven clean animals of the earth, a male and female, and the same for the birds of the air.

Noah was also commanded to take two of the unclean beasts, the male, and female. The reason? Within seven days, God was going to bring rain for forty days and nights, destroying every living soul off the face of the earth. Noah obeyed God and built the ark.

The father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth was 600 years old when the rains began. He went into the ark with his family and all the animals. Keep in mind here, the animals were under a covenant, meaning the lions weren’t predators eating meat or flesh.

The Waters Covered the Hills and Mountains

Therefore, Noah and his family had no problems getting the beasts into the ark. The rains begin and everything and one who had the breath of life in their nostrils died (who were not in the ark). Yes, all of the mocking towards Noah literally ceased.

The waters covered the hills and mountains, even if anyone could climb Mount Everest back then, they were going to become overcome with waterfloods. The waters covered the earth for 150 days.

This is the summary of Genesis chapter 7.


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  1. Billie J. Hutchinson Billie J. Hutchinson

    Noah was commanded by God to take two of the unclean beasts, male and female. What was the reason that they were supposed to be unclean beasts? Or was it determined that all beasts were unclean? Just trying to get the clear view of what was expected of Noah. Thanking you in advance for the answer and God Bless.

    • Grace and strength; thank you for your comment and question! The unclean beasts were not for consuming or sacrificing. Therefore, only one “couple” (the male and female) was needed to get across the flood.

      The clean animals could be sacrificed and (on the other side of the flood) consumed, so seven “couples” (male and female) were brought over. The unclean animals are what older scholars called unreasoning beasts. They were designed with functions to clean the earth, hence why they could not be consumed or sacrificed to the Divine Creator! I hope this helps with clarity Billie!

  2. Billie J. Hutchinson Billie J. Hutchinson

    Yes, it has helped very much. A good friend ask me because he thinks I know all the answers but I told him I would find the answer. You gave it to me, thank you very much. I enjoy the Bible and read devotions each morning and scripture along with it.

  3. Pauline Pauline

    Very good.I was blessed to understand this chapter very well

    • Hi Pauline, very happy you were edified. Praise the LORD!

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