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Study Topic: Untold World History Cyrus the Great and the Judahites

Untold World History Cyrus the Great and the Judahites

Untold World History Cyrus the Great and the Judahites

Rulers in the world today are much more humbler than they were in times past. However, I’m not convinced today’s rulers are any much wiser than the rulers of the past. If a man believes he is great or accomplished great things, who are we to say or believe otherwise. Unless the facts strongly suggest differently.

This comes down to the great kings who called themselves “great,” or their historian legacy recorder wrote them in as great. In particular, Cyrus the Great and Alexander the Great; they both are very important and influential figures and rulers of times past.

After the great Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, he took the vessels, the treasures (money) of the house of Lord, the treasures of the king (Zedekiah), and brought them all back to Babylon with him.

Jerusalem was finished!

Those whom Nebuchadnezzar didn’t kill, he brought back to Babylon with him as servants all the way until and even beyond the reign of the kingdom of Persia. Persians today (present day) are known as Iranians.

The Persian Legacy dates back really long. The last Shah (king) of Iran was the great Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Unfortunate for him, the world has been dominated by two brands; east and west, communist and democracy.

In other words, this ended his monarch. This was not the case for Cyrus the great. The hebrew biblical historical account regarding Cyrus are congruent with the modern day historians account about this great king.

He’s written in the Qur’an as well. Cyrus’s policies in respect to the treatment of minority religions are well documented in Babylonian texts. Cyrus had a general policy of religious tolerance, throughout all of the Persian empire; much as Genghis Khan had in his empire.

Untold World History Written in Hebrew Historical Records

With this information of religious freedom and tolerance, it is no surprise that Cyrus also orchestrated the return of the native citizens of the kingdom of Judah. He granted them right back to their home to rebuild their temple to their God.

It is written in the hebrew historical records by the historian and scholar, Azaryahu (Ezra). In the writing accredited to Ezra, he noted that in the first year of Cyrus the II, king of Persia, the Lord of the Israelites, Hebrews, and the Heaven and Earth (all the same), agitated the spirit of Cyrus to make a shocking proclamation.

Throughout his kingdom, Cyrus made the proclamation in writing, and for the children of Israel, it fulfilled the word of the Lord given by the prophet Jeremiah. Cyrus the king of Persia said the Lord God of heaven had permitted him to have dominion over all the kingdoms of the earth.

King Cyrus Encouraged the Judahites (Jews)

This is consistent with God’s Macro Purpose of establishing a Kingdom on the earth. Where the Lord will enlist the will of the Heavenly Kingdom. In God’s will to give Cyrus all the kingdoms of the earth, the Lord God also entrusted Cyrus to build or rebuild the Lord’s house. The same house situated in Jerusalem, in the land of Judah.

When Cyrus announced this proclamation, he asked the people of Judah, who is there among them who will join in and even lead this great task. Cyrus, the great Persian king, encouraged Judahites to get up, knowing their God is with them, to go and rebuild the Temple.

Why didn’t Cyrus do it himself, or with his own people?

Simple answer is a word known as protocol.

The great Cyrus understood the Heavenly Kingdom’s strict adherence to protocol. In preparation for the rebuild, Cyrus encouraged the people of Persia, especially the Judahites living in Persia, to give silver, gold, goods, food, and many other types of freewill benefactions to assist the project.

Out of this proclamation and recruitment came chief fathers and leaders of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Also came priests and Levites, and all whom the Lord God blessed with His spirit and desire to go build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem.

In addition to all of this, Cyrus the king brought back the vessels of the house of the Lord that Nebuchadnezzar took out of Jerusalem during the siege. The vessels had been stored in the house of his gods in Babylon. We will continue here for part two in the next episode!


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