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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 4 Summary


Genesis Chapter 4 Summary

Genesis chapter 4 commences with Adam and Eve bearing a child named Cain. Shortly after, she bore his brother Abel. These boys grew into young men and were living their separate lives. In the process of time, Cain and Abel wound up in a conflicting situation.

It was based on the human emotion of jealousy. Cain was jealous of his brother Abel. Abel was good in the eyes of the Lord because of his strong reverence towards the Lord. Cain on the other hand, his attitude was not as respectful, and he did not like the results his negative energy brought him.

The Lord tried to correct him and give him wisdom, but he rejected it. The Lord told him if he did well, he would be accepted, but if he didn’t do his best, the rebellion was waiting for him and it would rule over him.

Cain an Arrogant Angry Man

Well, it ended up ruling over him because Cain decided to solve his jealousy problem by eliminating his brother. Cain killed his brother in a jealous rage. When the Lord came looking for those two, Cain pretended not to know what happened to Abel.

He even gave the Lord a “puff up” answer when he was asked if he’d seen his brother Abel. The Lord already knew what happened, but was giving Cain the chance to confess and repent. He didn’t and was cursed by the Lord. Further, Cain was abandoned by the Lord and labeled a vagabond.

He left and found a wife in the land of Nod, east of Eden and had a son named Enoch. Cain’s offspring were killers and musicians? Yeah, one of Cain’s offspring named Jubal was the father of all who handled the harp and organ.

Summary of Genesis chapter 4

He had another offspring named Lamech, he also was a killer. The chapter ends with Adam and Eve having another child, Seth. It is reported that with Seth, men began to call upon the name of the Lord God. This is the summary account of Genesis chapter four.


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    Thank you for providing these summaries! These are very useful for my study of the Bible. God Bless!

    • Brother Samuel, praise the ALMIGHTY, thank you for your comment, and continue in grace. Amen

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    I enjoy reading your commentary & find it helpful for breaking down & understanding what The Word is saying. I’m curious about where you’re from logistically & what church or fellowship you are associated?

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