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Chapter Summaries: 1st Kings Chapter 22 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 22 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 22 Summary

Studying the Bible is such a passion and even an obligation of ours, and we just love chapter summaries. Today we have 1 Kings 22. 1 Kings chapter 22 summary begins with the admission there were no wars between Syria and Israel for three years.

However, things are about to change; the king of Israel decided he wanted the land back from Syria. He phoned the king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, and asked if he would league with him in a war against Syria.

Jehoshaphat was okay with supporting the king of Israel, noting their brotherhood, he only wanted the God of Israel to consent with them going to war. Jehoshaphat asked the king of Israel to seek the Lord’s answer.

Micaiah, a Prophet of God

The king of Israel gathered 400 prophets who all consented that he should go and war in Ramoth-Gilead. King Jehoshaphat was leery in regards to these prophets’ unified reply and asked if there was a prophet of the Lord who could weigh in on the matter.

The king of Israel identified a prophet of the Lord named Micaiah. Micaiah wasn’t like by the king of Israel because Micaiah was a prophet of God. He told the visions of God as it was given to him. The two kings sent for Micaiah.

The king’s messengers primed and admonish Micaiah to lie to the king. They wanted him to consent to what the other prophets presented before the kings. Micaiah bought in initially; as a prophet of God, he actually agreed to lie. But he wasn’t a good liar.

Thus Saith the Lord!

The king of Israel noticed Micaiah agreed with the four hundred prophets and wasn’t his disagreeable self. The king felt mocked and demanded Micaiah tell the truth. This is when the prophet Micaiah went into the infamous “thus says the Lord,” mode.

In this mode, the prophets of God tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. Micaiah told the vision, how Israel was defeated in the pending war along their king killed! Micaiah even told, in detail, the vision of how he knew Israel would lose and their king killed.

He proclaimed it was all done by a lying spirit, sent by God to the king’s prophets. That was embarrassing for the four hundred prophets. One of the four hundred prophets of the king of Israel, Zedekiah by name, did not like the statement by Micaiah.

They go to Battle Despite the Prophets’ Warnings!

He proceeded to take matters into his own hands, literally. Zedekiah approached Micaiah and slapped the Lord’s prophet on the face. He then asked him, which spirit slapped him since he knew so much. Getting slapped in the face is often a part of the not-so-fun part of being a steward of the Lord.

At any rate, they forgo Micaiah’s admonishment and proceed to war. Jehoshaphat, and Judah along with Ahab (king of Israel) fight against Syria. Ahab came up with a war strategy. He planned that he and Jehoshaphat would switch royal robes for in the war.

It didn’t matter because the king of Syria commanded his men to capture the king of Israel specifically! The Syrian king must have had a personal vendetta with Ahab. In battle, Syria cornered and captured Jehoshaphat, who was dressed in Ahab’s robe.

Jehoshaphat Nearly Killed!

Jehoshaphat identified himself as the king of Judah. Blessedly, they let him go. However, a happy-go-lucky shooter from Syria shot an arrow that struck Ahab, wounding him to death. The dogs lick up his blood as the prophet said would happen to him.

Ahab dies and his son Ahaziah takes over the kingdom. Let’s talk about Judah. Jehoshaphat began his rule in the fourth year of Ahab’s rule in Samaria, he was 35 years of age when he started. He did right in the eyes of God, which is one of the reasons God did not kill him in that battle he erroneously joined.

One of his few recorded problems was his league he made with the king of Israel. When he died, his son Jehoram took over the kingdom of Judah. Back to Samaria! Ahab’s son Ahaziah was evil and did like his dad, provoked God to anger, therefore he only ruled for two years.

This is the summary of 1st Kings chapter 22, and the end of the first book of Kings.


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