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Lifestyles: Ask Seek and Knock for What We Want

Ask Seek and Knock for What We Want

Ask Seek and Knock for What We Want

Have you been asking, searching, and knocking for the things you have been desiring, wanting, and in need of? If you haven’t done so in a while or consistently, we want to remind you that you should!

That brings us to number nineteen, in our lifestyles biblical principle series, which is for us to ask the Lord for the things we truly need, want, and desire.  If we want something, we must ask for it. As followers of Christ Jesus, we need to ask the Father in faith.

The Lord may give it miraculously, or send us to the people, organization, or area where what we are asking for will be given to us. Asking is the starting point. Think about it; if an answer was given, or a gift presented that we didn’t ask for, we probably wouldn’t know how to utilize it.

Imagine receiving a million dollars…

We probably wouldn’t value it. Imagine receiving the answer to a math equation we have no use for. It would not carry value. Imagine receiving a million dollars we didn’t need, or an exotic fast car. It could harm us more than bring us useful joy.

However, if we were in dire need to solve the math equation, we’d ask, search, and knock on doors until the answer came. When it came, the joy and value of it would be multifold. The same holds true with the million dollars, and exotic fast car.

The fact is we must ask, seek and knock for what we want, then it will be given. If we desire something, search for it. Libraries and search engines, like Google have been immensely valuable in our generation because of the physical ability to seek and find.

The mystery in life

It is displayed so practically within those mediums. The mystery in life is that what we are looking or searching for is usually looking and searching for us. We will find our desire if we search for it diligently.

If we want in on something, knock. Doors do not automatically open; we must knock on them for them to be opened or request the key. The Lord God is gracious beyond means and measures. The Lord wants to give us the righteous and well meaning intents of our hearts desires, so ask, seek, and knock.

We all want to improve something; our community, city, country, family, or just ourselves. We as humans generally “good” with bad moments. If our friend or child asked for fish, we’d try to get them fish.

Ask Seek and Knock for What We Want

The Father, in the Heavenly Kingdom, desires even more than us “good” humans, to give to His children good things if we ask. This is an example that we should do unto others, good, as we would want them to do to us.

This is ultimately what God’s laws are stating, and what God’s prophets taught. Therefore, don’t be a closed mouth, do not sit idle. Get up, ask, search, knock, and go after what  you need, want, and desire. Let it fall on the Lord to answer, provide, and open. With faith we will receive.


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