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Kingdom of Priests: the House of Jacob Becomes the Ecclesia

the House of Jacob Becomes the Ecclesia

In this article, we aim to show how the church relates to the house of Jacob, which as an entity and people are often seldom discussed today by many church organizations. Also, we’ll discuss what the term ecclesia means and how it relates to the church and the house of Jacob.

So welcome and let’s begin. The Ecclesia is the early translation or use for the word church. What is kind of odd today is what the early “Ecclesia” hardly realized for many years. The Ecclesia (the church), which began with the 12 tribes of Israel, were initially and essentially being called out of the world, as in the world systems ran by man (1 Peter 2:9).

The house of Jacob became the first family called out of the world of darkness. Please accept and understand the distinction between the first family and the first-person or individual. Many individuals were and are called out by God, but only one family or nation was called out collectively.

The Called Out Ones

The word Ecclesia, which means the “called out ones” for the gathering of the Lord. They were called out of the world to serve the true and living God of Heaven and earth. And in obeying the Lord’s voice, they would possess or rather, repossess the Kingdom.

When the House of Jacob was called out of Egypt, they came out with a mixed multitude (Exodus 12:38). This indicates, other nationalities or families on the earth, by faith, came out of Egypt right along with the children of Israel.

These people obviously kept their physical identity, but they collectively were known as the children of Israel (spiritually speaking). In the bible, they were called “the stranger,” for physical identifying purposes.

The Physical Nation or Family Doesn’t Matter…

The same occurs today; for instance, the Japanese and Sudanese can pledge their allegiance with those of the Christian faith and household. We would recognize them as Japanese Christians and Sudanese Christians (for identification purposes).

A Christian is one who follows the teaching of Christ. Rewind a bit, before the term Christians became used. Those following the house of Jacob follow the teachings of Israel. Per this example, a Japanese man who follows the teachings of Israel would be known as a Japanese Israelite.

Physically, he’s from the family of Japan, spiritually he is of the family of Israel. Physically, from Japan, spiritually, from Christ/Israel. God operates by order and by faith. If other families of the earth believed and do like the house of Jacob, they are welcomed to the kingdom right along with the house of Israel.

The House of Jacob’s Calling Should be Respected

Still, the house of Jacob remains the first family called out of the world by the Lord, for the Lord’s purposes. They are the beginning of the Ecclesia, the church (Acts 7:38). The house of Jacob is still the only family called out of the world by God, to this day.

God Assembling the Kingdoms of Priests

Individually, everyone has been called out of the world into the Ecclesia, but only one people, family, or nation has been called out collectively. They are the house of Jacob. Everyone should honor this calling because it was orchestrated by the God of Israel.

The good news is that every family will have the chance and choice to join the children of Israel until the day God calls all families of the earth into His Kingdom and Family. This will take place during Jesus’ thousand-year rule on the earth.

the House of Jacob Becomes the Ecclesia

Although we verbally say and think the church is only a worship gathering, the reality is that the church is a body of people gathered together, on one accord in unity. In actuality, one can say church, or organization, or kingdom, or even a body of people under a government, and they would be saying the same thing.

God called the church, out of the world, and held an immediate first meeting with instructions of God’s Kingdom order. To be continued!


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