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Chapter Summaries: 1st Kings Chapter 15 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 15 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 15 Summary

This chapter begins with the introduction of a man named Abijam who was Rehoboam’s son, he took on rulership of the kingdom of Judah during the 18th year of king Jeroboam in Samaria. His rule only lasted three short years.

He walked proudly in rebellion against the Lord, however, because of his great granddad, King David, God gave him a little light in Jerusalem. Abijam didn’t do much in his short reign except war with Jeroboam as his father, Rehoboam did.

He died and his son Asa took over in his kingdom. Asa was really his brother because they had the same mother, but they wrote him in as a son for the sake of succession. Asa was a good king in the eyes of the Lord, as he ruled in Jerusalem for 41 years.

1st Kings 15

He did right in the eyes of the Lord like David his father. Some of the good he did included, removing sodomites out of the land, removing idols, even removing his mother Maachah as queen (because she was into idol tree worship).

He destroyed it all, except the high places; but his heart was perfect with the Lord all his days. He did go to war with Baasha king of Israel most his days, even making leagues with other nations to fight against his brother Israel.

When Asa was old, he had a disease in his feet. When he died he was buried with his father’s and his son Jehoshaphat took over the realm. The chapter switches over to the kings of Israel, particularly Nadab who was Jeroboam’s son.

Nadab Does Evil Before God

He began ruling Israel in the second year of Asa king of Judah, but he only ruled two years. Short rulership usually represented disobedience to God, and there was plenty disobedience in Samaria’s side.

Nadab did evil in the sight of the Lord as will be the theme for many of the kings of Israel. While Nadab walked evilly, Baasha, who was from the house of Issachar, conspired against him and killed him as well as killing all in the house of Jeroboam.

This brought to pass the Lord’s word by the prophet Ahijah that Jeroboam’s house would be destroyed. The chapter ends with the report of the wars between Asa and Baasha, and Baasha ruling over Israel in Tirzah 24 years, doing evil all the way long.

1st Kings chapter 15 summary!


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    I always like to read the summary as sometimes I don’t understand what I read. Thank you so much for the summary of the chspters. Please pray for me that I will be able to grasp what I read. GOD BLESS YOU

    • Hey Jacqueline, I pray you will receive the spirit of comprehension to your desire. May the Eternal Father enrich you.

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