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Study Topic: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Part 2

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Part 2

Welcome to (BSM), your online bible study supplement source. Within this post, we are continuing the untold world history presented by the prophets of God! It is part of our study topic features, where we study a topic in the Bible one scripture at a time. Let’s start today’s study topic!

Continuing from part-1 (if you didn’t read part-1 be sure to right here!) 

Belshazzar made an announcement that whoever could transcribe what was written on the wall would be honored. They needed to be able to explain what the writing meant. When they were able, they would be clothed in the king’s garment. They also will be arrayed with the royal chain, and become the next ruler of the Babylonian kingdom.

At this point the party stopped! The DJ turns off the sounds, or perhaps such a kingdom had a full band. They stopped playing as the wise men came in to attempt to read and interpret the writing on the wall. They could not and this troubled the king, even more, he was literally melting in front of everyone.

He began to look like a man who was about to have a heart attack or panic attack. The king’s lords were amazed at the turn of events. Belshazzar’s wife, the queen, heard what was going on and in order to save the party, she came in and told the king not to worry. Instead, she directed him to seek out a Jew in his kingdom who had the spirit of God upon him.

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Part 2

In the days of Nebuchadnezzar, this man had unsurpassed wisdom found in him. She explained, that this man understood hard sentences and dissolved doubts like no other. The Jew she spoke of was a man named Daniel, known as Belteshazzar in Babylon. Daniel was summoned and brought before Belshazzar.

The young Judahite prophet was given the promise of great wealth, scarlet clothing, gold, and all prestige. This time he was promised to be next ruler of the kingdom if he could tell transcribe the writing. Daniel, an older and wiser man since the days of Nebuchadnezzar, told the king to keep his gifts. He could give it to whomever he wanted, but he should hear this.

Daniel told the king that God granted his forefather, Nebuchadnezzar, a kingdom above all kingdoms with splendor, majesty, glory, and honor, which made other nations fear before Nebuchadnezzar.

Yet, even the great Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by the Lord God of the Heavenly Kingdom. This happened when his pride got the best of him. Daniel told Belshazzar that he witnessed or knew all that Nebuchadnezzar endured. He was aware of what Nebuchadnezzar wrote in his private memoirs of how the God of the Judahites is indeed the real deal, the real God of all gods.

Belshazzar decides to praise the gods of gold…

Yet, in all of this, Belshazzar did not humble himself. He decided to lift himself up and behave proudly against the Lord of Heaven and earth, inasmuch as to bring the vessels of the Lord out; and publicly drink and dine with his lords, wives, and concubines with them.

In this act of disregard, Belshazzar decided to praise the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone, and forget the very God who held the king’s breath in His hand. In all of this, Daniel told Belshazzar what he saw, a hand, writing on the wall; mene mene tekel upharsin.

Daniel tells him that mene means numbered; the interpretation is that God has numbered his kingdom and finished it. Tekel means weigh or balance, the interpretation is that the king has been weighed in the balances and has come up short, or wanting.

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

Upharsin or Peres means divided. This meant the king’s kingdom had been divided and given to the Medes and Persians. This truly tilted the power of world towards the Medes and Persians, from the Babylonians.

After Daniels breakdown, Belshazzar was a bit calmer, he commanded his servants to clothed Daniel in scarlet and to give him the royal chain of gold, and the herald proclaimed Daniel the Judahite prince, as the third ruler in the Babylonian kingdom.

While it may not be officially documented, Daniel could have or may as well been a ruler in Babylon kings chronicles. The party dismissed, and there was a late-night attack on the king. Belshazzar was attacked and killed. It is not clear if Darius the Median did the attack or set it up, but it is clear he took over the Babylonian kingdom, as a Mede, at the age of 62.

Darius very well could have acted alone or been under the umbrella of the Persian king, Cyrus, regardless, the Babylonian kingdom was officially over. The lion with eagle’s wings, the head of gold on the image, was finished.


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