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Kingdom of Priest: The Kingdom Will Come to the Daughter of Jerusalem

The Kingdom Will Come to the Daughter of Jerusalem

The Kingdom Will Come to the Daughter of Jerusalem

The prophet Micah wrote that everyone will walk in the name of their god, and the children of Israel will walk in the name of their God, Israel forever. When this takes place, God will put everything broken back together, even people who God purposely afflicted (such as the children of Israel).

What is important is that God will give the dominion back to the children of Israel first; the Kingdom will come to the daughter of Jerusalem, and Jesus Christ will be her King (Micah 4:5-8).

The reason the house of Jacob is crying and suffering today is because they have no king, their counselors have perished and they are like a woman going into labor without medicine (Micah 4:9). When God’s Kingdom appropriates itself in the latter days, their King will appear and fix all broken places.

The Daughter of Jerusalem will Receive the Kingdom

As the book of Psalm states, it will be as if it were a dream when the Lord restores the breached places in Israel and reestablishes the Kingdom (Psalm 126:1). It feels like a dream as I write it.

When someone has a near death experience, once they open their eyes they often ask the first person to attend to them, “What happened? Am I dead? Are we in Heaven?” They could not believe they survived the near death event, and are perplexed.

The same will be for the oppressed, who find themselves in God’s reconstructed Kingdom on earth. “Is this a dream,” they will asked.


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