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Romans chapter 1 is a very important chapter in the book of Romans and in the entire Bible compilation. The author, Apostle Paul, writes a letter to the members of the church in Rome, encouraging them to keep the faith.

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Paul then talks about how men and women have been shown the truth of God, and some are holding the truth in unrighteousness. This means, they have been shown the truth by God, nevertheless, the lightly esteem this great gift given by the Most High. They continue to do and teach others to do against the truth. This is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and because of this God begins to do a horrible thing against people like that.

God gives them over to vile affections, a reprobate mind, and they end up avoiding the natural use of the opposite gender. This brief, 25 minute Bible study of Romans chapter 1 will allow you to gain a better foot on the subjects in this chapter and of the Bible.

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