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Send Them Strong Delusion


Welcome to, today we are studying a Bible study titled, Send Them Strong Delusion.

In Second Thessalonians chapter two, Paul talks to the people about having a strong delusion sent by God himself. Many Christians and non-Christians today are totally deluded on certain aspects of their belief and even their disbelief altogether.

They believe in things that are fables or that cannot be read or documented. Lots of people have the misunderstandings of the keeping of the Commandments, they have a misunderstanding in where the dead are, going to heaven, the Sabbath day and so forth and so forth.

Send Them Strong Delusion

What we need to understand is that if we consistently believe on a lie, then God will eventually give us the strong delusion so that we strongly believe the lie.

Once you are deluded to believing a lie it is very difficult to get out of that state of mind. In the Christian Circle, this is called a reprobate mind. We do not want to be reprobate.

A reprobate mind is doomed for destruction and according to the book of Hebrews, it is impossible to return to Salvation.

Send Them Strong Delusion to Believe

There are lots of examples in the Bible that show how people have been sent a strong delusion by God and they have fallen because of it.

In second Chronicles chapter 18, God used an evil spirit or evil angel to send a lying spirit in the mouth of all of Ahab, the king of Samaria’s prophets.

Ahab was strongly deluded in believing a lie that he should go up to a war. His false prophets who all had a lying spirit in their mouth urged and persuaded Ahab to go on into this war. They ultimately led him to his death as going to this war eventually had him killed.

Send them strong delusionToday many people are under the false pretense that all spirits are the same and that all prophets and pastors are okay.

People believe that as long as they’re wearing a nice suit and tie or priestly garments they are to be believe.

It is the white-coat theory in the medical field. This is very dangerous and people need to start to focus on what the scripture actually says.

In first John chapter four, John writes that we have to discern the spirits; in other words we cannot believe every spirit but we must try the spirits to make sure they are from God.

Send Them Strong Delusion: A Deluded Christianity is Out There

Throughout biblical history sorcerers, magicians, and soothsayers have all been able to perform magic just like some of the “miracles” that the Lord God had his prophets performed.

You can’t get caught up in the appearance of magic or so-called physical wonders and drop the Word of God; you must know the word of God. Today’s lesson, “Send Them Strong Delusion,” should put in perspective what it is exactly that you should be looking out for as you strengthen your walk with the Most High God.

Thank you for studying with us in this lesson titled, “Send Them Strong Delusion,” we hope you were/are edified in Jesus name. Amen


Koko Ishe

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  1. jeff litt jeff litt

    in st john 8 Jesus said, he that commit sin is the servant of sin. romans six states know ye not that to whom ye yield yourself servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom you obey. if the man of sin sits in the temple of God, where is the temple of God? do you think judas was the only son of perdition

    • Greetings Jeff, I’m not sure if your comment was for me or you were just adding on to the post, but thank you anyhow for the comment.

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