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Exodus Chapter 35 Summary


Exodus Chapter 35 Summary

Exodus Chapter 35 Summary Summary

In chapter 35, Moses gathers the children of Israel and reiterates God’s command of six days of work and the Holy Sabbath is for rest.

Anybody working, Moses declares by God, on the Sabbath will be put to death. Working to kindle a fire is considered working and should not be done on the Sabbath day.

Moses then took up an offering to the Lord from anyone who wanted to give gold, silver, brass, or cloth for clothing, and even anointing oil; all for the sake of building the tabernacle of God.

Everyone with a willing heart was asked to bring their gifts to the Lord who was willing to give. The chapter reports the children of Israel brought abundantly to Moses for the sake of the God of Israel.

Please it to the Most High God to add a blessing to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!

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