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What Does the Bible say About the Last Days

The Last Days
What does the Bible say about the Last Days
People cannot get enough on the subject, especially theorist and conspiracy theorist.  This subject has made movies, books written, dramas, and on and on.  People want to be in the “know” when it comes to the last days.  I can only imagine people want to know for the same reason everyone wants to know stuff in general.  To stay prepared and ready, this is why this subject is always asked about.  The weird part about this subject is that it is thoroughly covered in the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, yet it is still a secret to many people (even those of us who read the Bible every day).

The last days for those who read it in the Bible and spread the rumor, is a day of darkness and gloom and war and destruction.  We’ve heard what everyone has said about it outside of the Bible, such as Nostradamus, the Mayans, the Chinese book of change, even the web-bot project.  Now let’s go see what the Bible says about the last days.


So what does the Bible say about the last days?  A great place to start is in the gospels (I like Matthew’s account in chapter 24).  The question was asked directly, “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”  It only makes sense to read this entire chapter to get a decent understanding of the last days (end of the world as we know it).  In this chapter Jesus walks us through what we can expect in the last days.  The very first thing to be aware of are deceivers.  How would you know you’re being deceived?  You’d have to read this book (the Bible) and make sure whom ever you allow to teach you regarding subjects of the Bible, is saying the same things that are written in the Bible.  If not, we all can just make anything us, right?


Destruction and War
Destruction on the Horizon
Many false Christ will rise up.  Nations will be against nations, famines, diseases, earthquakes in many different places.  Jesus says all these events or happenstances are just the beginning of distresses (Matthew 24 v8).  Skipping down to verse fifteen, Jesus gives us a warning about the ‘abomination of desolation’ that Daniel the prophet spoke about.  This person will go into the holy place; and Jesus warns us that we better understand what we’re reading.  The reason we need to understand what we’re reading in this case, is because once this event happens, the world will go into a “great tribulation” like it has never seen (Matthew 24 v21).

Pray for Peace


Things will get very hostile on the earth according to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and false prophets will abound deceiving even knowledgeable people in the Word of God.  We are to maintain our faith through our knowledge of Jesus and His forewarnings (Matthew 24 v25).  After the tribulation and just before the real big fight among humanity, popularly known as world war three WW3, Jesus will intervene because man will try to destroy the earth all together.  Jesus tells us that His words will not pass to the ground, that everything He is speaking of will come to pass (Matthew 24 v35).  If you believe Jesus you have to believe this.


While it is true that Jesus said no man knows the day and hour only the Father, throughout this chapter He has given us the signs to look out for.  And in verses 42 He straightly tells us to watch because we do not know the hour that He will come.  We have to constantly be looking out for the signs and the biggest and most vital sign in the abomination of desolation.  I heavily recommend you read the book of Daniels to get a good idea of who this is.  It is the official “anti-Christ” everyone speaks about.


Prophets wrote about the last days as well.  Every last one of them were in the spirit on the Lord’s Day (not Sunday) seeing the visions of what is to happen.  When it was shown to Habakkuk, he prayed the Lord hide him in the grave when the Lord Jesus invades the earth with His troops (Habakkuk 3 v16).  In other words Habakkuk had no desire to be around for this time period.  It was better for him to die than to live through it.  Zechariah saw the vision as did John in the book of Revelations, and Zechariah describes a very serious war and battle in which Jesus reclaims His earth.


The good news is in all of this the Lord has a secret place (on the earth) for all of His servants.  It is not the rapture; remember the event known as the rapture happens after the great tribulation.  We all will be on the earth during the time of the Lord’s intervention.  It is important to know where to go to seek protection on the earth while we wait on the glory of our God.


The last days will be difficult times for every one (2nd Timothy 3 v1-5).  How will you know we are in the midst of them?  You have to do what Jesus commanded you do.  Watch and Pray.  Watch and pray to our God so that we do not enter into temptation and that we are awake and not slumbering when the Lord Almighty prepares to make His forceful return to this earth.  God bless you and yours in Jesus name.  Amen



Jimmy Twyman

Bible Study Ministry


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