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What Does the Bible Say About Giving

Cheerful Giving
God does love a cheerful giver
You have probably heard this saying since you were a little child, “It is better to give than to receive.”  You heard it most when someone is trying to get you to give them something.  My parents use to tell it to me and I have to admit, I did not understand how it was better to givethan it was to receive when I was a young boy.  However the Good Lord God has shown me why it is better to give than receive and what giving is really all about.

If you’ve ever wondered if giving is an essential part of Christianity, then I hope to clear any doubt with this short article.  So what does the Bible say about giving?  In Acts 20 Peter lets us know what Jesus thought about helping the weak and where we get the quote, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  How is this so?  Solomon, the wise king in Israel said whoever it is that gives generously to the poor is ultimately lending to the Lord God of Heaven, and the Lord will repay such a person that gives (Proverbs 19 v17).  If the Lord is going to repay you, that is a great blessing in itself.


Heartfelt giving is very pleasing to our God.  When you do something because you feel it is right and it will help your fellow brother or sister, this is very pleasing to the Lord (Hebrews 13 v16).  This is essentially why you will notice people who give are often the most blessed because the Lord knows they will give freely, thus Jesus gives freely to them.  However, if you have more than enough and you neglect to have compassion to give to one who is in need, how can you honestly say or believe the love of God is within you (1 John 3 v17)?  If you are constantly giving, this means you are constantly blessed because you have the ability to give freely without worry.


What type of Giving Have We?


When I was a boy, I only viewed giving or giving to the poor in the form of money.  I never knew giving words of encouragement or words of enlightenment was a form of giving.  There are many people who have been endowed with great knowledge and they will not even as much as give a pinch of knowledge to anyone.  This is not good to hoard knowledge and wisdom in fear others will take and run.  When you receive anything of good value, remember it came from the Lord Jesus.  The honor and respect you can show is to give to others what the Lord was gracious enough to share with you.


Giving money is not the only way to give.  You can give your time, your knowledge, your possessions, but you must have something in order to give.  This is what makes you blessed; when you have something to give.  In the scripture when the young man was told to sell all his worldly possessions and give the proceeds to the poor and to follow Jesus for a great treasure and reward in Heaven; the man’s countenance was change.  He was sullen not just because he had great possession but also because he was not a cheerful giver (Luke 12 v33).


I’m sure we all hear a pastor or two really quote 2nd Corinthians chapter 9 verses 7 where Paul tells us that the Lord loves a cheerful giver.  Preachers certainly quote this when it comes time to ask for offerings and tithes.  However, the scripture is not lying.  The Lord does not want your money or offering if your face is tied up and long because you do not want to give.  Be enthusiastic when it is time to give, especially if the Lord has blessed you with enough to give, and remember it is far greater to be a giver than to always be receiving.  God bless you in Jesus name.  Amen



Jamal Warner

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