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What Does the Bible Say About Hell

The Devil
This is a two part question because in the Bible the word “hell” is interchanged much like the word “spirit” thus it takes reading it contextually (that is in it’s context) to really understand the meaning.  Generally speaking when people think of “hell” they are thinking in terms of two things.  The first is a place where Satan is and Satan is tormenting nonbelievers and sinners who he successfully deceived.  In television and cartoons Satan is depicted as a red mean looking dude with a pitch-fork distressing people who have done wickedly.  This place is typically underground or something to that extent.  The second way people think of “hell” is state of condition.  “We’re in a hellish state.”


So, what does the Bible say about hell?  We will explore the two ways people depict hell and we will examine what the Holy Scriptures have to say about this topic.  Let’s start with the place where people believe Satan is tormenting.  Really this is nothing but the lake of fire.  Hell is normally shown as a place where the devil is with fire laughing at humans who wind up there.  Essentially, this is the lake of fire.  All peoples who break God’s covenant (His Ten Commandments), or who knowingly dismiss the testimony of Jesus Christ will find them-selves in this permanent hellish condition known as the lake of fire (Revelation 21 v8).


The reason it is permanent is because after the smoke clears on the judgment of the creation; Jesus has death and hell tossed into the lake of fire and called it the second death (Revelation 20 v14).  And if your name is not found written in the book of life, your only portion is death in the lake of fire, which is an eternal death (Revelation 20 v15).  It is the most gruesome thing in the Bible.  When we die the first death as in the physical word, we typically lower people into the ground where the worms feed on the flesh and destroy the body.  The good thing is the deceased is not conscious of this for they know nothing (Ecclesiastes 9 v5).


Hell Fire

However, when you are in the second death, you are covered with what appears to be hot volcanic lava, mixed with the death process of worms eating on you and according to scriptures; you do not die from this (Revelation 14 v11).  Man cannot put this eternal condition on you.  Only God can, this is why Jesus told us to only fear God and not man who can only kill the flesh and cannot kill the “spirit” (Matthew 10 v28).




Created for Satan and his angels


The lake of fire was created for Satan and his following angels who rebelled against God in Heaven (Matthew 25 v41).  And God created the angels as spirits so there is no dying for them as it is for man.  So God created a permanent death for Satan and his minions and unfortunate for man, we have found a way to jeopardize our eternal existence by disobedience.  In fact, two men were placed in the lake of fire prior to Satan for causing an all out world war that nearly will destroy the earth if Jesus does not intervene (Revelation 19 v20).


The second way “hell” is viewed is by condition.  Hell is written as a condition of death (Acts 2 v27, Psalm 16 v10).  Jesus prayed that His body be not left in Hades or hell so that His body does not see bad corruption or decomposing.  Death is a hellish state.  People mourn and the deceased goes into decomposing.  In Isaiah chapter 5, God speaking to the children of Israel regarding their disobedience and He speaks of how “hell” has enlarged itself on the children of Israel.  This “hell” is a hard or harsh condition.  Conditions such as being harshly ruled over, unable to be at ease, always in a constant struggle.


No matter which way you view it, you do not want to be in a hellish condition be it temporary or permanent.  Hell is used in the Bible as the temporary harsh condition, such as a struggle, death, hardship, or captivity.  It is also a permanent condition biblically known as the lake of fire.  Avoid these conditions at all cost by staying close to your God, even Jesus the Christ.  God bless you in the name of Jesus.  Amen



Koko Ishe

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