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Why Does God Allow Suffering

Today we want to talk about the question, why does God allow suffering?  This question has been asked from time in memorial.  Everyone wants to know if there is a God, why does God allow suffering.

If you watch TV you see the world-wide suffering all across the world of children going hungry, armies invading countries and raping women, child slavery, prostitution rings of children, disease, and famines.

Why Does God Allow Suffering

Why does an all loving powerful God allow this to happen to what appears to be decently well mannered people and even innocent children.

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  1. David RalphDavid Ralph

    Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience by allowing themselves to be deceived by satan sin entered the world. Genesis.

    • Absolutely brother David, thanks for the comment, God bless!

  2. francis okwomifrancis okwomi

    FOR GODS GLORY TO BE SEEN For example he allowed them in the wilderness to show himself as Jehovah jire.

    • Praise God brother Francis for your comment and input. Blessings!

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