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Turning Things Upside Down


Turning Things Upside Down

Turning Things Upside Down

God is intent on recollecting the attention and service of the children of Israel (house of Jacob), because His salvation begins with them and their intended service to God and mankind.

However, they have run far from God to establish their own wisdom. God is making it perish, even from the most prudent of men. As they have done a wicked thing to God and the world; they have constructed the turning of things upside down, and it will not be esteemed.

Is mankind really attempting to say to God, man’s Creator, “God did not make us?” Is man really saying, “Our Creator does not fully understand?”

God will make all who proclaim this eat their words, but the humble and meek in the Lord will increase in the joy of their Creator, God, and King; and the poor among men will rejoice in the Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 29:19).

This also is what Jesus, the Messiah from God, taught in Matthew chapter 5, the meek and the poor, will be blessed.

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