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They Will Die of Grievous Deaths with No Burial

They Will Die of Grievous Deaths with No Burial; Jeremiah 16 Reframed, This is the word of the Sovereign LORD that also came to me; “You must not marry or have children in this place.”

Because this is what the Sovereign LORD says concerning sons and daughters born in this place, the fathers who father them, as well as the mothers who give birth to them in “this” land. “They will die of grievous deaths; they will die from deadly diseases.

The people will not be mourned or buried but will lie like dung on the ground. They will be finished off by the sword and by famine. Their corpses will become food for the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth; they will have no burial.”

Both Great and Small

Yes, indeed this is what the Sovereign LORD says, “Do not enter a house where there is a funeral or mourning. Do not go and mourn with them, show no sympathy for them because I have removed My peace from “this” people,” declares the Sovereign LORD.

“I have removed My loving devotion and compassion. The great and the small will both die in “this” land. They will not be buried or mourned over, nor will anyone cut himself or shave his head for them.

No food will be offered to comfort those who mourn the dead, not even a cup of consolation wine will be given for him who loses his father or mother. You must not enter a house where there is feasting and sit down with them to eat and drink.”

Great Evil Pronounced Against Judah

This is what the Sovereign LORD of Hosts, the Elohim of Israel says, “I am going to remove from “this” place, before your very eyes and in your days, the sounds of joy and gladness. I am going to remove the voices of the groom and bride.”

When you tell these people all these things, they will ask you, ‘Why has the Sovereign LORD pronounced all this great evil against us? What is our sin? What is the iniquity that we have committed against the Sovereign LORD our Creator’?

This is what you answer to them, ‘It is because your fathers have forsaken Me,’ the Sovereign LORD, ‘and have followed other gods, even serving and worshipping them. They abandoned Me and did not keep My instruction and law.

Out of the North, Not Egypt

And you, yes, even you, have done more evil than your fathers before you. See how each of you walk after the imagination and stubbornness of his evil heart, instead of obeying Me.

Therefore, I will cast you out of “this” land and into a land that neither you nor your fathers have known. There you will serve other gods day and night because I will show you no favor.’

“Still, the days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when men will no longer say, ‘As surely as the Sovereign LORD lives, who brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt.’

Repayed Doubled for Their Iniquity

They Aren’t Hidden They will instead say, ‘As surely as the Sovereign LORD lives, who brought the children of Israel out of the land of the north and all the other land which He’d banished them. For I will return them to the land that I gave to their ancestors.

As for now, I will send for many fishermen, declares the Sovereign LORD, and they will catch them. After that, I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill even from the clefts of the rocks. My eyes are on all their ways.

They are not hidden from My face, their sin is not concealed from My eyes. And I will first repay them double for their iniquity and sin because they defiled My land with the carcasses of their detestable idols. They have filled My inheritance with their abominations.”

Inherited Lies

O my Sovereign LORD, my strength and fortress, my refuge in the day of distress and trouble. The nations will come to You from the ends of the earth and they will say, ‘Our fathers inherited nothing but lies, worthless idols of no value or benefit at all.’

Can a man make gods for himself, especially such that are not gods? “Therefore see, I will inform them, and this time I will make them know My power and might; then they will know that My name is the Sovereign LORD AHAYAH YAHAWAH, the Creator of the worlds.”

Chapter Remarks

There is a simple message in this chapter, Jeremiah 16, and it was for the kingdom of Judah. The message was for the people of Judah not to get comfortable and also to get out. Don’t have children and when the plagues start landing, don’t lament.

Do not mourn, don’t pray, don’t console, don’t show any consolation. We’re not done yet, don’t party, don’t celebrate. Why? Those who do will die grievous deaths and those who remain will witness it and then go into captivity.

It is a grave message for the people of Judah and Jerusalem that Jeremiah was sent to deliver to them. These events led to Nebuchadnezzar emptying Judah and Jerusalem; it was brutal.

Serving Lesser gods

We’ve all read the historical accounts on it and it didn’t matter if you were a great figure in the land or a small one. If it was appointed for you to die, that is what happened. All joyous events ceased; weddings, entertainment, sports, anything you can imagine came to a halt.

Jeremiah was commanded to tell them why. It is simple; they chose to serve other lesser gods. The Mighty-One of Israel pulled off His protection, love, and guidance, and they met their result.

The next time they are gathered will be with all twelve tribes; then it will be said the ALMIGHTY lives who gathered them out of the north country and all the lands they were scattered to.

The Gentiles Do Not Have the Truth

The house of Israel will no longer talk about the gathering and deliverance from Egypt. The next gathering will be far greater and talked about for centuries. The chapter has a twist that perhaps you can see spiritually.

The same will take place upon the enemies of Israel in the latter days when the deliverance is complete; the Sovereign LORD will send fishers and hunters after them. That is when the nations (gentiles) will come before the ALMIGHTY and confess they inherited lies from their fathers.

They inherited nothing but lies that can’t benefit them in the day of distress. They would have found out clearly as the Sovereign LORD of Hosts would have made known His power and might. The whole earth will know who He is and what He desires and demands.

Jeremiah 16

Yashaya the Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever, let him who reads understand. Continue to watch and pray and take heed to the prophets of the Sovereign LORD of Hosts. Amen

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This whole thing is about the Kingdom of ELOHIM. Each of us will find ourselves on one side of His Kingdom, and it is drawing nearer than many of us can actually perceive. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or contact us on our contact page.

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